How do variable gain amplifiers work?

How do variable gain amplifiers work?

A variable-gain or voltage-controlled amplifier is an electronic amplifier that varies its gain depending on a control voltage (often abbreviated CV). The gain of the amplifier is then controllable by the current through the LED. This is similar to the circuits used in optical audio compressors.

What is VGA amplifier?

Variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) are used in a variety of remote sensing and communications equipment. Applications ranging from ultrasound, radar, LIDAR, wireless communications, and speech analysis have utilized VGAs to deliver industry leading performance. …

What is AMP gain?

On some amps, you can control the level or strength of the signal sent through this first stage; this control is called “gain” (also often labeled as “drive”). Setting the gain control sets the level of distortion in your tone, regardless of how loud the final volume is set.

When to use a variable gain signal amplifier?

Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGA) | Analog Devices Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGA) Variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) are used in a variety of remote sensing and communications equipment. Variable gain amplifiers deliver unmatched performance for signal chains that require high dynamic range.

What is a variable gain amplifier ( VCA )?

A Voltage Variable, variable gain, or voltage controlled amplifier is a type of amplifier with a gain dependent on a control voltage input. These amplifiers are the backbone of amplitude modulation circuits. There are a wide range of types and styles of VCA’s that use various methods of controlling the gain.

What is the definition of a digitally controlled amplifier?

A digitally controlled amplifier (DCA) is a variable-gain amplifier that is digitally controlled. The digitally controlled amplifier uses a stepped approach giving the circuit graduated increments of gain selection. This can be done in several fashions, but certain elements remain in any design.

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