What is the compute node?

What is the compute node?

A compute node provides the ephemeral storage, networking, memory, and processing resources that can be consumed by virtual machine instances. When the CloudSystem Console detects a compute node, it is automatically added to the Compute Nodes screen in an Unknown status.

What is compute node in iib?

The Compute node does not modify its input message; it creates a new, modified copy of the message as an output message. You can use the Compute node to insert a unique identifier for your order into the output message, which can be used by subsequent nodes in the message flow.

What is a single compute node?

Single compute nodes have a small number of compute cores and a limited amount of memory. Each node performs computations on local data and shares data with other nodes through the network connection when the algorithm requires it.

What is Transactionality in IIB?

You must configure the message flow node properties in your message flow to set the required level of participation in transactions. If you want the updates that are made by the message flow to be globally coordinated by an external transaction manager (WebSphere® MQ), you must configure the message flow properties.

What is compute node in cluster?

Compute Node – The compute nodes are the computers where jobs should be run. In order to run jobs on the compute nodes we must go through the job scheduler. By submitting jobs to the job scheduler, the jobs will automatically be run on the compute nodes once the requested resources are available.

What is environment Esql?

The environment tree is a part of the logical message tree in which you can store information while the message passes through the message flow. The root of the environment tree is called Environment.

What is message tree in IIB?

The message tree is a part of the logical message tree in which the broker stores its internal representation of the message body. The root of a message tree is called Root. The message tree is always present, and is passed from node to node in a single instance of a message flow.

What is a socket compute node?

Compute node. An individual computer, part of an HPC cluster. Currently most compute nodes have two sockets, each with a single CPU, volatile working memory (RAM), a hard drive, typically small, and only used to store temporary files, and a network card.

What is transaction mode in MQInput node in IIB?

All nodes that are subsequent in the message flow use the Transaction mode property that is set on the MQInput or MQGet node as their default transaction mode. If you set the Browse Only property for an MQInput or MQGet node, the value that is set for the Transaction mode property is ignored.

What is transaction mode in MQOutput node in IIB?

When you define an MQOutput node, the option that you select for the Transaction Mode property defines whether the message is written under sync point: If you select Yes, the message is written under sync point (that is, within a WebSphere MQ unit of work).

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