Does Red Tornado have siblings?

Does Red Tornado have siblings?

Despite his commitment to the Team, Red Tornado decided to do monitor duty, to fill in for Green Arrow. While he was gone, his “siblings”, Red Torpedo and Red Inferno—who he was not aware he had—infiltrated the Cave, and nearly took out the Team. Upon his return, he inspected his defeated siblings.

Is Red Tornado good or bad in Young Justice?

The Red Tornado was formed with the merger of two entities: an android body created by supervillain T. O. Morrow and the Tornado Champion from the Earth-One planet Rann. Its evil side, later known as the Tornado Tyrant, emerges and defeats Ulthoon-Justice League.

Does Red Tornado have a kid?

Traya Sutton is the adopted daughter of Kathy Sutton and Red Tornado under his John Smith identity.

How old is Red Tornado in Young Justice?

“Now I just want to kick your butt.” With one impressive blast of energy, the 11-year-old hero utterly destroys Red Tornado, an icon in the DC Universe, but she doesn’t have a lot of time to celebrate.

Who voices Red Tornado?

Iddo GoldbergFreedom Fighters: The Ray
Corey BurtonBatman: The Brave and the Bold
Red Tornado/Voiced by

Who is Red Tornado daughter?

Traya Sutton
In the comics, Traya Sutton is the adopted daughter of Red Tornado and his wife Kathy Sutton. This is her first animated appearance.

Who came first Red Tornado or vision?

The Red Tornado took his first bow in Justice League of America #64, which sported a cover date of August, 1968. A mere two months later, the Vision appeared in Avengers #57.

Who was the first Red Tornado?

Ma Hunkel
First appearance (As Ma Hunkel): All-American Comics #3 (June 1939) (As Red Tornado): All-American Comics #20 (November 1940)
Created by Sheldon Mayer
In-story information
Alter ego Abigail Mathilda “Ma” Hunkel

Is Red Tornado a villain?

Red Tornado is actually traditionally a hero in the comic books, which still could come to fruition in the series, but he will first be appearing as a villain on the series. And along with this new approach to the character comes a slightly different look as well.

What is Red Tornadoes real name?

John Smith

Red Tornado
Real Name John Smith
First Appearance Mystery in Space #61(August, 1960) [Ulthoon], Justice League of America #64 (August, 1968) [Red Tornado]
Creators Gardner Fox, Dick Dillin
Team Affliations Justice League, Justice Society of America, Young Justice, Primal Force

Who is Red Tornado’s arch enemy?

Morrow is a supervillain from DC comics: criminal mastermind and a scientific genius. He is the archenemy of Red Tornado.

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