Who is the owner of Archies Manchester?

Who is the owner of Archies Manchester?

Irfan Rafiq –
Irfan Rafiq – ceo and founder of Archie’s – Archie’s | LinkedIn.

How many Archies are there in the UK?

The Rafiq brothers – Amer, 46, Imran, 44, Asim, 42, and Irfan, 41, – now employ over 400 staff at their 10 Archie’s restaurants – with the brand said to be the fastest growing independent restaurant operator in the UK.

Do you have to book Archies in Manchester?

1 answer. Hi Mac. There is no need to book a table. We are a casual diner with plenty of seating.

Why is Archies pink?

Popular burger and shake joint Archie’s has just launched its third site in Manchester – serving up a range of pink burgers. The burger buns are coloured a vivid pink using beetroot as a natural food colouring, with three different fillings available at present.

How many Nandos are there in Manchester?

There are no fewer than 17 outlets of the wildly popular chicken shop across the 10 Greater Manchester boroughs according to the chain’s store locator.

Is Archies Restaurant American?

This is the story of how four brothers from Longsight chased their dreams and created the multi-million pound burger phenomenon Archie’s. The casual diner, famed for its pink interiors, mega burgers and ‘famous’ milkshakes, has become the fastest growing independent restaurant operator in the UK.

How much is an Archies franchise?

Two Types of Archies Franchise Cost In India 1400 Per Sq. Cost of Interior Designing: Rs. 1400 Per Sq.

Is Archies American?

What about Archie? As Meghan and Harry’s first child Archie was born in the UK, he automatically became a British citizen. And as Meghan is an American citizen, he also qualified for American citizenship. Archie, therefore has dual British and American citizenship.

Can you order Archies?

So if you, your folks, or grand-folks, need some Archie’s sustenance to get you through, give us a ring or send an email with your orders. We have two options: Homemade Food Delivery or Pick-Up: As it says on the tin, we can prepare and deliver as many meals as you like, oven ready or frozen.

Can you eat in Nandos Manchester?

Our restaurants are now open for Eat-in. To make sure both you and our teams are kept safe and comfortable when you visit, some safety precautions remain in place.

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