Does Winchester make a 410?

Does Winchester make a 410?

The Winchester 9410 . 410 is a novelty shotgun made by Miroku on the familiar Winchester Model 94 lever action that was in production for only a very short time. If you get your hands on one, it’s appropriate for hunting squirrels and casual fun like shooting at clays in the backyard.

How long can Ammo be stored?

10 years
throughout the lifespan of your ammo, which can last over 10 years or more if properly stored. The best place to store ammunition is in gun safes because of their dry interior and consistent temperatures.

Is a 16 gauge more powerful than a 12 gauge?

For shotgun ammunition with bird and buckshot, energy can be difficult to gauge, so you have to look at slugs for reliable information. In this case, you will generally find that 12-gauge delivers stronger energy than the 16.

What are features of Winchester Model 9410 lever action shotgun?

The Model 9410 can also be an inventive way to boost the fun of clay target shooting. This manual covers versions of the Model 9410 shotgun that feature the following: • Advanced rebounding hammer and top-tang hammer- blocking safeties. • Standard Invector™ or cylinder choked barrels.

What kind of shotgun is the Model 9410?

The Model 9410 Ranger is the award-winning Model 9410 Traditional in a value-priced, feature-packed Ranger version. The reliable action and 24″ smoothbore barrel readily fire all factory 2½ …Click for more info

Is there a packer version of the Winchester 9410?

Two major variations of the 9410 were produced: the Traditional and Packer lines, with each line having a couple of mostly cosmetic variations. The Packer offered a magazine tube only three-fourths the length of the Traditional, giving the shotgun a five-shell capacity, including one in the chamber.

What kind of choke does the Winchester 9410 have?

Some 9410 models feature the Invector Choke System, while others are pure cylinder bore. The one shown here came with a handful of Invector chokes: full, modified, and improved cylinder. The best overall solution for shot and slugs seems to be the improved cylinder choke.

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