Who is Heartland owned by?

Who is Heartland owned by?

Thor Industries
Heartland Recreational Vehicles

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Elkhart, Indiana , United States
Key people Chris Hermon, President
Number of employees 1,100
Parent Thor Industries

Who makes Heartland Cyclone RV?

Keystone RV
The Heartland Cyclone, a luxury crossover from Keystone RV, combines the spacious living area of a fifth wheel with the storage capacity of a toy hauler. With a combined total of 11 floorplans, you can choose a double-axle or triple-axle model that best meets your hauling needs.

Is Cruiser RV owned by Heartland?

Cruiser RV has been part of Heartland Recreational Vehicles since the early 2000s. Heartland Recreational Vehicles is owned by one of the largest RV manufacturers in the world, Thor Industries.

Is Heartland a good trailer?

If there’s one thing Heartland does, it’s listening to what hardworking people want and need in their homes away from home. That’s why Heartland RVs are packed with innovative features and the best materials available. And that’s why Heartland is among the finest RV manufacturers in the nation.

Is Heartland part of Thor?

Heartland has been the fastest growing RV manufacturer in recent years. Under Thor’s new ownership Heartland will remain as an independent operation, in the same manner as Thor’s existing recreation vehicle and bus companies.

When did Thor buy Heartland?

In September 2010, THOR made its largest acquisition to date when it purchased Heartland RV Company, further cementing its companies’ combined position as the world’s largest producer of towable RVs.

What brands of RV does Thor own?

Thor Industries, Inc. Thor Industries, Inc. is an American manufacturer of recreational vehicles (RVs). The company sells towable and motorized RVs through its subsidiaries brands including Airstream, Heartland RV, Jayco, Livin Lite RV, and others. The company’s headquarters is in Elkhart, Indiana.

Is Heartland a quality RV?

Who manufactures heartland trailers?

Heartland RVs is a recreational vehicle manufacturer based out of Elkhart, Indiana and is a subsidiary of Thor Industries. The company was founded in 2003 by a group of veterans with the hopes of redefining RV manufacturing.

Who makes heartland travel trailers?

Heartland RVs is an American manufacturer of recreational vehicles located in Elkhart, Indiana. Founded by former Damon Corp. CEO Brian Brady in 2003, it was purchased and became a subsidiary of Thor Industries in 2010.

Does heartland own the MFG cruiser RV’s?

Re: Does Heartland own the mfg Cruiser RV’s Thor Industries owns Cruiser RV and it is managed by Heartland RVs. Popular floor plans across different manufacturers are often copied.

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