How much HP can a 331 stroker make?

How much HP can a 331 stroker make?

You can achieve 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque from 331ci and iron cylinder heads without selling the farm.

What is a Ford 331 engine?

A 331 stroker engine is a Ford 302 that has been “stroked” with a larger crankshaft. This gives the engine more torque in lower RPM’s. The 331 is known to spin-up faster than the 347 due to a lighter crankshaft. Horsepower: 467 HP.

How many liters is a 331 stroker?

5.4 Liter 331 Stroker 5.4 Liter Engine High Performance Emblems in Chrome & Black – 4″ Long Pair : Automotive.

What makes a 347 stroker?

In essence, a 347 stroker is a Ford 302 engine that is “stroked” by installing a larger crankshaft (and other modifications inside the engine) to have the pistons travel up-and-down further creating more engine displacement (size) and more torque.

What size heads for 331 stroker?

It just takes the right combination of parts. 170cc twisted wedge heads are no where near “too big” for a 331 or 347 engine.

How much HP do gt40 heads add?

While we’ve seen engine dyno tests performed with GT-40P heads replacing factory E7TE castings and resulting in a boost of more than 25 hp, we have reluctantly set our horsepower gain goal at 25 ponies, as well.

What size heads for a 331 stroker?

170cc twisted wedge heads are no where near “too big” for a 331 or 347 engine.

Is a 331 stroker good?

It produced 346 hp at 5,900 rpm and 343 lb-ft of torque at 4,700 rpm. This equates to a drivetrain loss of 13 percent-about 57 hp and 72 torque. This 331 powerplant can be both an excellent bracket engine and a great street engine.

What is a stroked 302?

The 302 is 3 inches shorter and 2 inches narrower than the 351W, allowing it to fit into small engine compartments. Installing the stroker kit into an engine block basically consists of an engine block rebuild.

What did GT40P heads come on?

Which Vehicles Had GT40P Heads? The GT40P cylinder heads arrived on the scene in 1997 with Ford’s revision to the GT40 head. These heads were installed on the ’97-and-later Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer SUVs.

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