Is Toyota Fielder a reliable car?

Is Toyota Fielder a reliable car?

Toyota s engine in Corolla Fielder is very high performance and offers excellent power to the car while driving. The suspension of Corolla Fielder remains unchanged for several generations. This design is simple and virtually flawless, and reliable.

How many cc does Toyota Fielder have?


Max Capacity × 5 × 4
Luggage Guide × 3 5
Body Size (Length × Width × Height) 4,400mm × 1,695mm × 1,475~1510mm Gasoline
Engine 1,500CC 109PS

How much fuel does a Toyota Fielder consume per km?

Toyota Corolla Fielder 2017/10: Grade

Model Code DBA-NZE161G-AWMEK
Engine Capacity 1,496
Number of Seats 5
Fuel Consumption 17.60km/L

What is a Toyota Fielder?

Fielder is the name for the Japanese-market version of the Toyota Corolla station wagon. While previous generations were essentially the same as the Corolla seen in New Zealand, this model was based on the Japanese Axio – it is slightly smaller and narrower.

What is good about a fielder car?

Fielder provides more practicality with ample storage bins and cup storage. For reliability, ensure that when you buy a Fielder or Wish with the CVT (Continous Velocity Transmission), use the correct CVT oil to carry out service. Both vehicles have VVTi engines which are sensitive to the quality of engine oil and fuel.

How many people can fit in a Toyota Corolla Fielder?

The Toyota fielder 2007 is also famous for his powerful engine and spacious interior. Besides corolla fielder, all the other corolla models have the maximum seating capacity of 5 people whereas the corolla fielder has the seating capacity of 8 people.

When did the Toyota Corolla Fielder come out?

The Toyota fielder was introduced in the tenth generation corolla cars in the year 2006. The 2007 version of Toyota fielder was very famous because its shape and performance. The car was available in different engine sizes and you can easily choose the engine according to your requirements.

What’s the fuel economy of a 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder?

The 2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder is a member of the model’s tenth generation, with the model code DBA-NZE141G and an average fuel economy of 14.4 km/l to 17.2 km/l. Like the previous generation, 1.8L (2ZR-FE) engine adopts Dual VVT-i (continuously variable valve timing mechanism) that optimally controls both intake and exhaust.

Is the Toyota fielder available in New Zealand?

In the New Zealand market, the names of the models that are very popular are GL and GLX. These models are equipped with all the standard features of the car. In the New Zealand market, an additional model of Toyota fielder can be found. This model is equipped with 2.0 diesel engines which is very powerful and can be used to drive off-road.

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