How do you get the chimp to gather in Sims 2 Castaway?

How do you get the chimp to gather in Sims 2 Castaway?

The Sims 2: Castaway To interact with a chimp, the player must first offer the chimp a banana to gain their trust. This will work for all chimps but for later interaction, different chimps will react differently since they have their own personalities and needs, just like playable Sims.

Where can I find hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphic texts are found primarily on the walls of temples and tombs, but they also appear on memorials and gravestones, on statues, on coffins, and on all sorts of vessels and implements.

Is Sims 2 Castaway an expansion pack?

The game was not released for Windows, but an equivalent version called The Sims Castaway Stories was released on January 29, 2008. The game is also referenced in The Sims 3, where a TV has a case for The Sims 2: Castaway inside of it….Animal Crossing Update – The Loop.

The Sims 2: Castaway
Genres Life simulation game

Where can I play Sims Castaway?

The Sims 2: Castaway is the third console spin-off of the life simulation video game The Sims 2 for the Wii, Nintendo DS (NDS), PlayStation 2 (PS2) and PlayStation Portable (PSP). It is also available on mobile phones; Nokia offered Castaway on the Ovi Store.

What are some Sims 2 cheats?

Film Settings. Makes a letterbox view of a designated size: letterbox (0.0-0.4)

  • Cheat List. Press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat console.
  • Test Mode. boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true: This cheat was used in the making and programming of The Sims 2 to test objects and sims.
  • Combine Aspiration Rewards.
  • 50,000 Cash.
  • Which are cheats for Sims 2 in PlayStation 2?

    Llama (Buy it from fridge)

  • Beet (Buy from fridge)
  • Squid (Harvest from an aquarium in your house)
  • Fauxiestra (SP?)&(I think that is what it is called,it’s the only oil without the word “oil” at the end of it’s name.
  • What are Sims 2 cheats?

    The Sims 2 has the cheats familyFunds, motherlode and kaching. kaching is a cheat in The Sims 2. It gives the current household an additional ยง1,000.

    How do you enter cheats in Sims 2?

    Cheat Codes cheats for The Sims 2. Firstly, bring up the cheat console by pressing CTL + Shift + C at the same time. Then you can enter any of the following codes for the corresponding effect: Just enter ‘exit’ to close the cheat console. You can also enter ‘expand’ or ‘contract’ to make the cheat console bigger or smaller.

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