What is meniscectomy and chondroplasty?

What is meniscectomy and chondroplasty?

Chondroplasty refers to the smoothing of degenerative cartilage and trimming of unstable cartilage flaps to stabilize and treat chondral lesions. Partial meniscectomy involves trimming unstable flaps of a torn meniscus to establish a stable remnant meniscus.

Is chondroplasty included in Meniscectomy?

A Chondroplasty is NEVER coded with a meniscectomy regardless of the compartment. The meniscectomy includes the synovectomy in the code description. The synovectomy is global to the 29880 and should only be reported if done in two different departments from the meniscectomy.

What is the CPT code for chondroplasty?

Code 29879 includes chondroplasty performed as part of the abrasion arthroplasty, so code 29877 should not be separately reported. If, however, chondroplasty is performed in a separate knee compartment, code 29877 may be reported separately.

Is a chondroplasty the same as an Meniscectomy?

Chondroplasty is performed using an arthroscopic shaving device. Surgeons typically remove any loose cartilage flaps or smooth rough transitions between the cartilage and the bone. Partial meniscectomy is performed using a combination of arthroscopy bitters and shavers (Figure 46.2).

Can 29879 and 29881 be billed together?

Note: Involves resection of synovium and/or resection of plica from one compartment. Note: This includes chondroplasty where necessary. This procedure promotes cartilage regeneration by creating access to bone and/or drilling holes to create microfractures. The code 29879 can be assigned in addition to 29881.

What is a patellofemoral chondroplasty?

A chondroplasty is an outpatient procedure used to repair a small area of damaged cartilage in the knee. The damaged tissue is removed, allowing healthy cartilage to grow in its place. The procedure is performed through small incisions on the sides of the knee with the aid of a small video camera called an arthroscope.

What is the modifier for separate procedures?

It says to use a 59 modifier on “separate procedure” codes to indicate that the procedure is not considered to be a component of another procedure, but is a distinct, independent procedure. The guidelines imply that anytime you bill a code with that designation with other services, you should append a 59 modifier to it.

What is the meaning of CPT codes?

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is a medical code set that is used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services to entities such as physicians, health insurance companies and accreditation organizations. CPT codes are used in conjunction with ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM numerical…

What is the CPT code for total knee replacement?

CPT code 27447 is for a total knee replacement 27447 states (arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau; medial AND lateral compartments with or without patella resurfacing [total knee replacement]).

What is the CPT code for procedure?

CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and are published by the American Medical Association. Ranging from 00100 to 99499, the CPT codes are used to describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic services and procedures.

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