How do I register my hybrid orchid?

How do I register my hybrid orchid?

Steps to register a new orchid hybrid name with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

  1. Flower your new unregistered orchid hybrid; again, you can check if a cross has been registered on the RHS site.
  2. Create an account on the RHS site.
  3. Take photos of your plant and flower.
  4. Begin the register process, here on the RHS site.

What is a hybrid orchid?

A hybrid orchid has a family tree that can be traced all the way back to the original species that they were bred from. Orchid species contain the smallest and the largest orchids. There are more orchids available for “potting” that are species orchids.

What is the Grex name?

The term grex (plural greges or grexes; abbreviation gx), derived from the Latin noun grex, gregis, meaning ‘flock’, has been expanded in botanical nomenclature to describe hybrids of orchids, based solely on their parentage.

Can you crossbreed orchids?

Hybrid orchids are simply the result of a cross pollination process. All it means is that two or more different kinds of pollen were used during the planting and nurturing of the specific orchid. Creating an orchid hybrid is not some difficult or super scientific process that individuals should be afraid to try.

What is phalaenopsis hybrid?

Usually, the most common orchids on your windowsill are Phalaenopsis hybrid orchids (Moth orchids). They have beautiful butterfly-shaped long lasting flowers, and there are countless hybrids with different flower shape, color, texture, and even there are some cultivars with variegated leaves.

How to check an orchid on the International Orchid Register?

The International Orchid Register can be interrogated by entering the name of a genus and/or a grex in the search boxes and clicking the search button. If you know the exact spelling of the name, check exact match. With all such grex names listed the Pollen Parent and the Seed Parent will be given,…

How often does the orchid hybrid list come out?

Download copies of the Orchid Hybrid List, which details all new hybrids registered in the past three months. Published in Adobe Acrobat pdf format Please note: From 2005 the Orchid Hybrid List has been published four times per year as the Quarterly Supplement to the International Register of Orchid Hybrids (Sander’s List).

How can I find out if my orchid has different parents?

The International Orchid Register can be interrogated to identify whether hybrids with different pollen and seed parents have been registered. Enter either or both the genus and grex names of the pollen and seed parents and click search.

How many species of orchid are there in the world?

Orchids are a huge and diverse family of plants! Our catalogue at Orchids Limited reflects that diversity – we offer something for everyone, from the beginner to the expert. The Orchid family has 25,000 species and 763 genera, with countless hybrids, and they are adapted to nearly every habitat.

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