How much is Bitfury worth?

How much is Bitfury worth?

The company is reportedly valued at around $1 billion with investors that include Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital. Bitcoin mining company Bitfury is preparing to go public with what would be Europe’s biggest cryptocurrency valuation, according to The Telegraph.

Who owns Bitfury?

Valery Vavilov
Latest valuation: $1 billion plus Bona fides: $500 million in revenue in 2018 Cofounder & CEO: Valery Vavilov, 39, a Latvian-trained computer scientist.

Where is Bitfury located?

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bitfury is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and has 8 office locations across 8 countries.

What is Bitfury and how was it created?

The company was founded in 2011 by Valery Vavilov. Initially, the company started to experiment and mine bitcoins, using CPUs and PC GPUs. It then began to design ASIC chip. As of 2017, Bitfury controls about 9.5 % of the computing power of the Bitcoin network.

Is Bitfury real?

The Bitfury Group is the world’s leading emerging technologies company. Founded in 2011, our mission is to make the world more secure and trusted through the use of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, bitcoin and high-performance computing.

Is Bitfury publicly traded?

Amsterdam-based mining company Bitfury is set to go public. The private placement was led by Korelya Capital – a European investor backed by Korea’s Naver Group, according to a statement from Bitfury.

How much is ConsenSys worth?

ConsenSys Projected $3 Billion Valuation Reflects a Booming Sector. ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin went through several public missteps in a bid to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Can I invest in Bitfury?

Through Bitfury’s institutional investor program, these groups can now invest in Bitfury’s top-tier data centers across North America and other regions through bespoke investment vehicles, including direct investment and indirect engagements such as through funds, private equity and other instruments.

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