Is there a USB port for the Fostex MR8?

Is there a USB port for the Fostex MR8?

It’s got a USB port for WAV file data transfer to a Windows PC for data editing, CD burning, and backup. And operating the MR8 is more intuitive than many other digital recorders? it’s ideal for users who have no experience in digital multi-track recording.

What kind of Metronome does Fostex MR8 have?

The MR8 has a variable-volume metronome, but offers none of the fancy rhythm pattern options of some of its competitors. The metronome is hidden in a submenu, and it follows the tempo and time-signature tracks, also hidden in submenus.

Is the MR-8 a tape recorder or MultiTracker?

If you can operate a tape recorder, you’ll be recording and multitracking within minutes of opening the box. By putting all the major controls and functions right there on the top panel instead of buried in a confusing menu system, the MR-8, unlike some other recorders, actually aids you in capturing your musical ideas.

Is there a USB port on the MR-8?

Built-in USB port for WAV file data transfer between MR-8 and Mac or Windows PC for data editing, CD burning (normal mode) and backup. For Windows 98SE a third party Compact Flash™ reader/writer unit is requried for data transfer.

What kind of burner does Fostex mr-8hd use?

Almost any off-the-shelf external CDR burner will work, allowing you to go from the concept to the finished CD with just the MR-8HD and a burner! Aside from this feast of gourmet features, the MR-8HD sports a whole cupboard full of sweet recording treats.

How many tracks can you record on Fostex mr-8hd?

The MR-8HD lets you record eight tracks, then bounce (mix) them onto two tracks of a new song, thus freeing up six more tracks. So it’s very easy to record 14 tracks. The only drawback is that you’re committed to the mix on those first eight tracks.

Are there real faders on the mr8-hd?

Real faders. The MR8-HD features 4 balanced phantom powered XLR / unbalanced jack inputs. The 8 tracks record at true uncompressed CD quality to the internal hard drive, there’s the facility for 4 track simultaneous recording, built-in mic and guitar amp simulation, reverb / delay and cool mastering effects.

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