What are the 8 names of Ganesha?

What are the 8 names of Ganesha?

Actually, these eight avatars were taken by Lord Ganesha to protect people from eight kinds of self-destructing habits – Kaam, Krodh, Mad, Lobh, Matsar, Moh, Ahankar and Agyan. Hindu mythology says that these eight elements contribute the most to affect human lives. The following are the eight avatars of Lord Ganesha.

What is the mantra to call Lord Ganesha?

The powerful mantra “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” is used to inspire transformation. With roots in Hinduism, it is thought to call upon the energy of Ganesh (also referred to as Ganapataye)—the elephant-headed deity who is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and lord of beginnings.

What is Ganesha’s other name?

Ganesha is known by the name ‘Lambodara’ meaning one having a big belly. Vinayaka. The god of wisdom and the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati is also called the Vinayaka.

What are the names of ashtavinayak?

Ashtavinayaka- The 8 Most Important Ganesh Temples of Maharashtra

  • Moreshwar Temple, Morgaon.
  • Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek.
  • Ballaleshwar Temple, Pali.
  • Varadavinayak Temple, Mahad.
  • Chintamani Temple, Theur.
  • Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri.
  • Vighnahar Temple, Ozar.
  • Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaon.

What are the 108 names of God?

The Gods are worshipped by their devotees through the recitation of their 108 names.

  • Lord Vigneshwara.
  • Lord Hanuman.
  • Lord Muruga.
  • Lord SatyaNarayan.
  • Lord Rama.
  • Lord Ayyappa.
  • Lord Venkatesha.
  • Lord Lakshmi Narasimha.

How do you call Lord Ganesha?

Take a deep breath. Think about the image of Lord Ganesha….Repeat one of Ganesha’s mantras.

  1. The Shaktivinayak Mantra. Repeat: “Om Hreeng Greeng Hreeng.” This should sooth you and bring you closer to Ganesha.
  2. The Vakratunda Mahakaya Shlok Mantra.
  3. Siddhi Vinayak Mantra.
  4. There are many other mantras you can say to Ganesh.

Why is Ganesha called Vinayak?

Ganesha told him of his encounter with Narada and of the Brahmin’s counsel. Parvati, satisfied with this response, pronounced her son the winner and, from that moment on, he was acclaimed with the name of Ganapati (conductor of the celestial armies) and Vinayaka (lord of all beings).

Why Ganesha is called ashtavinayak?

Ashtavinayaka (Marathi: अष्टविनायक) literally means “eight Ganeshas” in Sanskrit. The Ashtavinayak yatra or pilgrimage covers the eight ancient holy temples of Ganesh which are situated around Pune.

Why is Ganesh Chaturthi special?

Ganesh Chaturthi, also called Vinayaka Chaturthi, in Hinduism, 10-day festival marking the birth of the elephant-headed deity Ganesha, the god of prosperity and wisdom. There they are immersed, a ritual symbolizing Ganesha’s homeward journey to Mount Kailas—the abode of his parents, Shiva and Parvati.

Why do Hindu gods have 108 names?

In Hindu Mythology, there are many gods. Each of them is worshipped by different people across the world. The chanting of divine names has been very important in Hindu worship as it brings peace and love to one’s mind. The Gods are worshipped by their devotees through the recitation of their 108 names.

Which is the best mantra to chant in front of Lord Ganesh?

The Most Basic Ganapati Mantra When you chant this mantra in front of the idol of Lord Ganesh, you tell him to take away all the negativities from your life. No matter what your problem is, it is taken away by Lord Ganesha; you just have to keep your faith in him.

How often do you have to chant the Ganapati mantra?

Chanting this mantra, with or without the idol or picture of Ganesha, brings equal benefits. You just have to keep his image in mind, close your eyes and recite this mantra at least 108 times every day. Within 21 days, you are bound to see positive results in your life.

What does Rinn Harta in Ganapati mantra mean?

Rinn Harta is another name for Lord Ganesha which means ‘The Giver Of Wealth.’ The mantra is for wealth and prosperity as you pray to Lord Ganesha to keep you away from debts and poverty in life. Bath or Wash your hands and feet before you begin to chant.

Who is the Ganapati God in Hindu mythology?

Ganapatya (tradition of Ganapati worship) is another wide school of Mantra Vidyas. Ganapati as the name suggests is the lord of Ganas or divine hosts. He is the son of Uma and Siva, and the elder brother of Kumaraswamy. He is the elephant faced god with moon adornment and snake garland. He rides over a mouse.

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