How to check iPic Gift card balance?

How to check iPic Gift card balance?

iPic Theaters Gift Card Balance

  1. Store Locator.
  2. Call 630-378-8035.
  3. Shop at iPic Theaters.

Does iPic have Gift cards?

You can find IPIC Theater gift cards on their website, or through participating retailers. eGift cards work for buying tickets, but do not count for any food or beverage purchases.

What is special about iPic Theaters?

For the main show, step into our boutique theaters—equipped with world-class technology, lined with luxurious amenities including our full theater and bar menu, and designed to give you the ultimate cinematic experience.

How much are IPIC tickets?

Ipic Ticket Prices

Children (ages 2-12) $12.00 – $17.00
Adults (ages 13 & up) $12.00 – $17.00
Seniors (ages 60+) $12.00 – $17.00
Military Discount $12.00 – $17.00

Is IPIC on Fandango?

IPIC Film Festival – Tickets & Showtimes Near You | Fandango.

Can you bring food into iPic?

Enjoy IPIC Express menu selections featuring freshly made, dine-in-the-dark culinary delights, custom treats, classic sweets and beer, wine and cocktails you can bring into the theater. For food and drinks delivered right to your seat, indulge with our In Theater Dining service for Premium Plus guests.

What RPX means?

RPX stands for Regal Premium Experience, which is supposed to have better picture and sound quality than IMAX, complete with a giant, IMAX-size screen.

Is XD and IMAX the same thing?

Both XD and IMAX Digital are both rip-offs. Though if you want to see a movie in IMAX 3D, but the IMAX Digital is the only one available in your area, that is when you resort to Cinemark XD. It’s cheaper than an IMAX Digital ticket, and a couple of quarters more expensive than a regular 3D ticket.

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