Is Isha Koppikar Brahmin?

Is Isha Koppikar Brahmin?

A devout Hindu – her family descended from Saraswat Brahmin Hindus – Koppikar was seen as the bad girl, both on and off screen.

Who is husband of Isha Koppikar?

Timmy Narangm. 2009
Isha Koppikar/Husband

Where is Isha Koppikar from?

Mahim, Mumbai, India
Isha Koppikar/Place of birth

What is Isha Koppikar age?

45 years (September 19, 1976)
Isha Koppikar/Age

What is the age of Amrita Arora?

43 years (January 31, 1978)
Amrita Arora/Age

Is Amrita Arora married?

Shakeel Ladakm. 2009
Amrita Arora/Spouse

She is married to Shakeel Ladak, a businessman from construction industry in 2009. The ceremonies included a Christian wedding on 4 March 2009 followed by Mehendi on 5 March and a Muslim Nikah ceremony on the 6 March 2009. They have two sons named Azaan born on 5 February 2010 and Rayaan born on 20 October 2012.

Who is Amrita Arora husband?

Amrita Arora/Husband

Who is Malaika Arora parents?

Joyce Polycarp
Anil Arora
Malaika Arora/Parents
Her mother, Joyce Polycarp, is a Malayali and her father, Anil Arora, was a Punjabi native to Indian border town of Fazilka, who worked in the Indian Merchant Navy. She completed her secondary education from Swami Vivekanand School in Chembur.

Who is Malaika Arora husband?

Arbaaz Khanm. 1998–2017
Malaika Arora/Husband
Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora married in 1998 and after 19 years of marriage, in 2017, they divorced. They are parents to a son named Arhaan Khan.

Who is the actress Isha Koppikar from India?

Isha Koppikar (born 19 September 1976) is an Indian actress, politician and model who has appeared in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi films. Koppikar was born in 1976 at Mahim, Bombay (now Mumbai) in a Konkani Marathi family of Mangalorean descent.

Where did Isha Koppikar go to college at?

Koppikar was born in 1976 at Mahim, Bombay (now Mumbai) in a Konkani family of Mangalorean descent. She has one younger brother. She graduated in Life Sciences at Ramnarain Ruia College in Mumbai. While at college she appeared in a photoshoot for Indian photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha.

When did Isha Koppikar get married to Rianna?

The couple got married on 29 November 2009, and in July 2014, the couple was blessed with a baby girl, Rianna Narang. Isha started her career as a model and participated in Miss India contest (1995), in which she won Miss Talent crown.

When did Isha Koppikar win the Miss India contest?

Koppikar competed in the 1995 Miss India contest, winning the Miss Talent Crown. Her modelling work gave her an introduction to the film industry and to her first film appearance in the Telugu movie Chandralekha in 1998.

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