What is the fastest way to farm Sporeggar rep?

What is the fastest way to farm Sporeggar rep?

You will need to kill Bog Lords in Zangarmarsh to bump up your reputation with the Sporeggar, each kill will be 15 reputation each, so your rise to Friendly should not take that long. This, along with the fact you can pick up their Tendrils for turn-ins (6 Tendrils for 750 reputation), will get you to Friendly shortly.

How long does it take to get exalted with Sporeggar?

You must kill 12 Bloodscale Enchantresses and 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers, and alone would require over 1000 kills to hit exalted. Fortunately, you can break this up with Underbog runs for sanguine hibiscus, as well as take a dent out of your total by completing the various quests described above.

How do you farm Sporeggar?

All the way from unfriendly to friendly, grind the bog lords and pick up spore sacs in the spawning glen. Six tendrils or ten spore sacs will each get you 750 rep, repeatable until friendly. You can also turn in glowcaps from neutral to friendly, but it’s better to save them as currency.

How do you get a Sporeggar Tabard?

in Sporeggar, located in western Zangarmarsh. You must have a reputation of exalted with Sporeggar to be able to purchase this tabard.

What dungeons give Consortium reputation?

The only dungeon you may visit to boost your Consortium reputation is Mana Tombs, and only in Heroic setting after the first time you clear the place for its quests.

What is sanguine hibiscus used for?

The Sanguine Hibiscus is needed for the “Bring Me Another Shrubbery!” repeatable quest that awards you 750 reputation with the Sporeggar faction. You need Sanguine Hibiscus x 5 to complete one repeatable quest so it’s a good idea to sell them in stacks of 5.

What rep is Nagrand?


Unfriendly Rep
Repeatable Quests 500
Quests Zangarmarsh ~4500
Nagrand ~10,570
Mobs Boulderfist Crusher, Mystic 10

How much reputation does sporeggar have in Wow?

Sporeggar Reputation Guide Sporeggar rep farm guide Sporeggar is one of the easier Factions to get to Exalted Reputation with. The repeatable quests all give 750 reputation and there are several turn-ins that are available all the way to Exalted.

Where do you get 15 reps in sporeggar?

If you head down to the Spawning Glen, Quagg Ridge, Funggor Cavern or the Dead Mire, you’ll find mobs that you can kill for up to 15 rep a pop. Even at level 70, provided you are farming mobs level 62+, you will be able to gain 15 reputation from kills.

Where do you get quests in sporeggar classic?

Upon reaching Neutral with Sporeggar you will receive a quest from Fahssn, also named Sporeggar, that will send you to their main hub city, but there is not much to do there until you reach Friendly.

What do you get in the sporeggar zone?

Lots of drops and gathered items in the zone go towards Sporeggar rep. Make sure to keep everything if you are going for their rep. A few of them are Glowcap, used to buy their rewards, fertile spores, strange spores, mature spore sacs, boglord tendrils, and sanguine Hibiscus from Coilfang Reservoir.

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