What is the truth of Nidhivan?

What is the truth of Nidhivan?

The another mysterious facts of Nidhivan is the shape and the size of the trees covering this place. The trees are short and intertwined with each other. The trees are of same size and height. It is believed that the trees are the Gopis and their intertwinded shape is the arome of love between them.

What happens in Nidhivan at night?

Inside Nidhivan, there is a little temple called Rang Mahal or s hringar-ghar of Radha Rani. According to folklore, Krishna visits here every night and adorn Radha with his own hands. You will see a bed inside and several ornaments and makeup products close to the bed.

Who discovered Nidhivan?

According to locals, Nidhivan was settled by guru Haridas whose deep devotion, penace and meditation compelled Lord Krishna to visit this place. Legend goes that in the Nidhivan temple, Shri Krishna or ‘Thakurji’ arrives after nightfall and performs the divine dance or ras leela with Radha ji and all the gopis.

Why does Nidhivan in Vrindavan shut down every night?

Nidhivan in the Land of Krishna, Vrindavan is a place full of mystery. If the devotees and locals are to be believed, not only Lord Krishna visits this place but he also conducts his Ras Leela every single night here. This is the reason why after the evening Aarti at 7pm, the doors of Nidhivan shut down for the devotees as well as priests.

What kind of trees are found in Nidhivan?

The trees found in Nidhivan are of different kind. These trees are mostly short in height and have entangled trunks. Even the plants of Tulsi found in the premises are in pair. The believers say that these trees convert to Gopis in the night and participate in the Ras Leela.

Which is the palace of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan?

So till the day the enigma is not solved completely, we have to quench our thirst with these facts: Nidhivan has a palace inside called Rang Mahal. It is the place where the bed made of sandalwood is prepared for Lord Krishna each night.

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