Where is the Mass Effect 2 configuration utility?

Where is the Mass Effect 2 configuration utility?

MassEffect2Config.exe is located in the Binaries folder in the game’s installation directory. On most PCs the default will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 2\Binaries.

How do I import Mass Effect 2?

Launch Mass Effect 2. On the main menu click New Game and you should see this: Click Import ME1 character and you should see your ME1 characters there to choose from….

  1. You will then see this:
  2. On the left, click Save Games.
  3. Click the Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games button.

How do I transfer ME2 to ME3?

Start ME2 and load your last saved game. Then create a NEW SAVED GAME, which will then be local to your hard drive and allow you to import your character into ME3.

Where is the mass effect save?

The default save location is in the BioWare\Mass Effect 3\Save directory, inside of your My Documents folder. There will be individual folders for character you have, which contain all of the saves associated with that character.

How do I start Pinnacle Station?

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You can start this DLC at any time — the only thing you’ll need is access to the Galaxy Map on the Normandy. A tracker will be added so that you can find the Pinnacle Station in the Argos Rho cluster in the Phoenix system..

Does Mass Effect 2 have DLC?

Mass Effect 2 is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in 2010, and for PlayStation 3 in 2011. The game features a variety of downloadable content (DLC) packs that were released from January 2010 to May 2011.

Can you romance James in Mass Effect 3?

James Vega, the highly opinionated beefcake can be romanced by female Shepards in Mass Effect 3. While nothing more than a small fling, players will need to work for this romance. More so than simpler options like romancing Diana and Javik.

How do you save Miranda in me3?

To save Miranda, you MUST read the dossier on Kai Leng and meet her via a holochannel from the Specter terminal after the attack on the citadel. During the mission, she may also die if you do not persuade her father to back down. If that fails, you have to shoot him.

Is there DLC for Mass Effect 1?

Mass Effect 1 DLC Mass Effect 1 only includes one piece of DLC in the Legendary Edition: Bring Down the Sky: Traverse a huge asteroid in the M35 Mako to stop Batarians from wiping out all life on one of Humanity’s most successful colonies.

Can I change my class in Mass Effect 2?

You can’t change your class within any of the games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition without restarting from the beginning. However, you can choose a different class when importing your Mass Effect save into Mass Effect 2, or Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3.

What’s the point of Pinnacle Station?

Unlock new achievements, and even win ownership of a dedicated base of operations for Commander Shepard. Challenge modes include Survival, Time Attack, Hunt and Capture and even a scenario modeled after the First Contact War.

Is Cerberus network still active?

Due to the deactivation of Bioware’s website, redeeming your activation code to obtain the Cerberus Network can no longer be done.

Where do I find Mass Effect 2 config file?

\\Mass Effect 2 \\MassEffect2Launcher.exe” mileywink: Make sure you look in the right Binaries folder. There’s one in Documents and one in the installation folder. You need the latter. The executable you need is MassEffect2Config.exe. *Program Files (x86) on 64-bit operating systems. I don’t work for EA.

How to import Mass Effect saves to Me2?

Navigate to the Mass Effect Save folder, which you placed the save games in back in Step 2. Click OK. The window will close, there will be no confirmation dialog. Exit the Configuration Utility. Run Mass Effect 2 and click New Game. Click Import ME1 Character. Select the save game file you wish to use for the new game.

Is there an editor for Mass Effect 2?

Editor for Mass Effect 2 (PC) configuration files. Monitor, manage, and support clients at the desktop level—without requiring integration of third-party RDS tools.

How to import Char _ 01 from Mass Effect 2?

Navigate to your Your PC > Documents > Bioware > Mass Effect 2 > Save > ME1 folder. Drop the Char_01 file which was downloaded in step 1 into this folder. Note: If you have not imported any ME1 saves since installing ME2, you may need to create the Save > ME1 folder.

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