Do you need an Aeon persona for Marie?

Do you need an Aeon persona for Marie?

In order to get the true ending with the Golden epilogue, you’ll need to max out her social link. Just like all other social links, you’ll also want to try to have an Aeon Persona with you for the extra bonus point you get with picking the right answers. …

Where can I find Chie Persona 4?

  • Chie Satonaka is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can’t hang out with her on rainy days.
  • Find Chie on the School Rooftop on weekdays. On Holidays and Sundays, she’ll be at the south end of the Shopping District.

Who is Joker’s Canon GF?

Persona 5 Royal: Joker x Kasumi Is Basically Canon – And Here’s The Proof. A close look at Kasumi’s personas show that she might be Joker’s canon love interest in Persona 5 Royal.

What to do with Marie Social Link in Persona 4?

If you want this kind of assistance for any other s-link, head on over to our complete P4G Social Link relationship & choices guide . While new for the Golden version of Persona 4, The Marie social link is one of the lengthier ones in the game, and completing it unlocks an exclusive dungeon in the late game, so you’ll likely want to max it out.

Why is Marie important in Persona 4 Golden?

Marie isn’t key to the core plot of Persona 4, but she’s one of the strongest additions to the Golden version of the game, giving a little bit of insight into the Velvet Room in a unique s-link storyline that gets the entire investigation team party involved.

How are the questions organized in Persona 4?

Throughout the game, your teachers will quiz you or your friends on the lecture they are giving. You will also routinely taken exams. These are the answers to those questions, organized by month. The # column refers to which choice on the list the answer is. For example:

Which is an essential stat in Persona 4 Golden?

See our ethics statement. In Persona 4 Golden, Knowledge is actually power. One of the easiest ways to grow this essential stat is correctly answering a series of questions you get in your classroom throughout the story.

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