Is millboard any good?

Is millboard any good?

British-made Millboard boasts one of the highest anti-slip ratings, having been inspired by shoe soles. Both Millboard and American-owned Trex are also resistant to rot, mould, scratching and fading, unlike normal timber decking.

Is millboard the best composite decking?

There has been a huge shift in the landscaping market towards using composite decking materials. In fact last year, 30% of our decking projects were completed using composite material Trex or Millboard. Trex and Millboard offer superior durability and will not rot, warp or splinter.

Can millboard be used as cladding?

Millboard is the perfect material for cladding use; its colour-stable coating enables the product to retain its good looks throughout its lifespan. Millboard also makes for an excellent material for lining ceilings, both indoors and out.

Can I paint millboard?

Millboard Touch Up Paint is available in a range of seven colours to match the colour and style of your chosen board. The touch-up coating ensures that cut ends blend seamlessly into the installation, completing the high-quality finish of the Millboard decking.

Can you jet wash Millboard?

DO NOT pressure wash as you could damage the finish on the boards. The surface texture is virtually non-porous, to remove dirt and grime wash with soapy water and bush with a broom before rinsing off.

Is Millboard decking slippery?

Safe and secure: Millboard’s virtually non-slip decking And it isn’t just wet weather that poses a hazard: algae and fungal growths can make the surface even more treacherous. It is made from an entirely wood-free material – and it’s as close to non-slip decking as money can buy.

Is Millboard a slippy?

Safe and secure: Millboard’s virtually non-slip decking Many people will have experienced how slippery wooden decks can get when it has rained. However, Millboard decking is far from a conventional composite. It is made from an entirely wood-free material – and it’s as close to non-slip decking as money can buy.

Can millboard be laid on concrete?

Yes. It is possible to install Millboard Decking over concrete.

Can you glue millboard?

As Millboard is non-porous, any moisture from the soil in the planter will not affect our boards like it does timber. As Millboard can be mitred and glued using PU wood adhesive, it makes it very easy to create a seamless masterpiece.

Does millboard expand?

Unlike timber decking, Millboard is solid and therefore does not expand or contract, or rot and warp like wood or wood composite.

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