What was the movie all about the money about?

What was the movie all about the money about?

All About the Money (2017) A guy gets his 2 friends on a plane to Colombia making them believe it’s vacation. However, he plans on catching a drug lord and collect the $25M reward. They don’t speak Spanish and think Colombia is a city in Mexico.

When did about the money by T I come out?

“About the Money” was released on June 3, 2014 as the first single from T.I.’s ninth studio album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture, through Grand Hustle and Columbia Records. In an interview with Pigeons & Planes, T.I. said the song came about when Thug “just pulled up to the studio and we went ahead and did it.” “He has a unique style.

Who is the rapper in about the money?

Atlanta rapper T.I teams up with neighborhood weirdo Young Thug for a summer jam about money, opulence and alligator shoes. It was released with a weird music video directed by Kennedy Rothchild, “About the Money” features twitchy, sample-heavy production from fellow southerner and Young Thug collaborator London On Da Track.

Who are the actors in all the money in the world?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Michelle Williams Gail Harris Christopher Plummer J. Paul Getty Mark Wahlberg Fletcher Chace Romain Duris Cinquanta Timothy Hutton Oswald Hinge

An American action comedy; A story about three American guys who venture to Columbia for a dollar reward with the aim to capture America’s most wanted criminal. The film starts well, establishing the characters, and there are several instances of genuine amusement.

What was the bounty on all about the money?

Two best friends are convinced by a third to take a vacation, but an insane adventure ensues when the two friends find out that his real intentions are to track down America’s most wanted drug dealer and claim the $25M bounty on his head. Watch All About the Money | Prime Video Skip to main content

Who was the Psycho Marine in all about the money?

Casper Van Dien was surprisingly comedic, and although Eddie Griffin seemed a little too much next to Blake Freeman’s somewhat stale comedic performance, the three together made it work! Jon Gries was on point as the psycho marine.

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