What is a subbid?

What is a subbid?

Sub-bid means the bid submission of a subcontractor, made by writing and signing a sub-bid on a form provided by the Department of Administrative Services and providing such form to a general contractor or another subcontractor pursuant to part II of chapter 60 of the general statutes; Sample 1.

Can a contractor sub out work?

Subcontractors can hire other subcontractors, but it might violate the terms of the general contracting agreement and create additional exposure for you– if you’re running the job. So, be sure to carefully review the subcontractor employment contract.

How do I get Dcamm certified?

How to Apply for Certification

  1. Review the application checklists for summaries of all required documents.
  2. Be aware of the new requirements for all applicants.
  3. Submit your application on the ePLACE Portal.
  4. Check back on the portal periodically to see the status of your application.

What is a filed sub bid tabulation sheet?

• Filed sub-bids are first considered by the awarding authority. • Filed sub-bidders can restrict their bids to certain general contractors • Responsible and eligible filed sub-bidders are placed on a tabulation sheet that is sent to the general contractors • General contractors must choose from the tabulation sheet.

Can a subcontractor protest an award?

LLNS’s prime contract included FAR 52.244-5 (Competition in Subcontracting) which specifies that a prime contract shall select subcontractors “on a competitive basis to the maximum extent practicable with the objectives and requirements of the contract.” …

What does Dcamm mean?

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Find information about the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM). Our job is to work with state agencies to create and manage forward-thinking, sustainable buildings to meet the needs of the citizens they serve.

What is a Dcamm certificate?

DCAMM certification is required for Filed Sub-bidders bidding on M.G.L. Chapter 149 and 149A vertical building construction work in the Commonwealth. Contractor certification is required when an awarding authority (any Massachusetts public agency) solicits bids for a vertical construction project under M.G.L.

What is filed sub bid?

Massachusetts General Laws require what is known as the “filed sub-bid” system for selecting certain subcontractors on most public building construction projects. First, subcontractors must submit their bids to the Awarding Authority, which will compile a list of all sub-bids received.

Is hiring unlicensed contractors illegal?

The short answer: No, but it is illegal for contractors to work without a license. Choosing an unlicensed contractor (perhaps for the sake of a cut-rate bid) gives you little recourse if something goes wrong.

What’s the threshold for a sub-bid in Massachusetts?

Increases the threshold for filed sub-bids on public building projects from the prior over $20,000, to over $25,000 and the threshold for Paragraph E sub-sub bids from the prior over $10,000, to over $25,000.

Is there a sub-bid under Section forty-four a?

[There is no paragraph (b) of subsection (1).] (2) Every sub-bid submitted in connection with a contract subject to section forty-four A for a sub-trade designated in item 2 of the general bid form pursuant to section forty-four E shall be submitted on a form furnished by the awarding authority and containing the following provisions:

Who is bound by a sub-bid with the awarding authority?

Every sub-bidder duly filing a sub-bid with the awarding authority as aforesaid shall be bound thereby to every general bidder not excluded therein from the use thereof; and any variance from such sub-bid communicated to a general bidder shall be of no effect.

Can a sub-bidder be named by a general bidder?

A person shall not be named by a general bidder as a sub-bidder for a sub-trade on the general bid form unless such person is included for such sub-trade in said list.

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