How much does maple lumber cost?

How much does maple lumber cost?

Shipping Additional

< 10 100 – 499
5/4 Hard Maple (Sel & Btr, #1 & 2 White, S2S to 1-3/16) $8.50 $6.40
8/4 Hard Maple (1 Com, #1 & 2 White, Rough) $5.50 $4.15
8/4 Hard Maple (Sel & Btr, #1 & 2 White, Rough) $8.90 $6.70

Is maple good for lumber?

As you may have guessed by now, maple wood is strong! In fact, maple wood is second in hardness only to hickory wood. This makes it a natural choice for many, many different types of flooring. Maple is the second most popular choice for hardwood floors in the United States, just behind Oak.

Is maple The best wood?

Maple wood is incredibly strong, looks great, and stains nicely. Woodworkers and furniture aficionados gravitate towards maple for its light, creamy color, smooth grain pattern, and impressive durability….Maple Wood.

Color White with some reddish-brown hues
Hardness 1450 on the Janka scale
Cost $3 to $8 per board feet

Is maple valuable wood?

Generally, we apply about 25 to 35 cents. As stated above, sugar or hard maple is more valuable selling for ten to eighty cents per board foot, depending on current markets and the quality.

Which is harder cherry or maple?

Oak, maple and cherry are three common, very hard types of hardwood timber. cherry wood is easy, as maple is denser than cherry by nearly a quarter.

What kind of wood is a hard maple?

Hard Maple wood, which is also referred to as Sugar Maple, Rock Maple and White Maple Wood, comes from the Northeast and Midwest regions of the U.S. The sapwood ranges from an off-white cream color to nearly white, on occasion with a reddish or golden hue.

How much does a board of hard maple weigh?

Hard Maple 1 Select & Better Grade 2 Scientific Name: Acer saccharum 3 Kiln Dried 4 Weight is approximately 3.75lbs per board foot More

What kind of furniture can you use maple for?

Maple is manufactured primarily for furniture and furniture framing, cabinetry, musical instruments, hardwood flooring, bowling alleys, woodworking benches and tools, cutting boards and blocks, billiard cues, handles and other specialty items. We also offer Maple in S4S Thin stock from 1/8″ to 3/4″ thick.

How tall is a kiln dried white maple?

Lengths of the boards are anywhere from 8 feet to 16 feet. Kiln dried White Maple Wood is moderately easy to work with although due to its density high quality strong and sharp tools are highly recommended.

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