Will there ever be another 48 hours movie?

Will there ever be another 48 hours movie?

During our chat, I asked about the status of a remake based on the original 48 Hours directed by Walter Hill. At that point, in no uncertain terms, Josh Safdie said, “We’re not going to do that.” Speaking a bit further about what happened with the project, the filmmakers had this to say about it.

Why was Reggie Hammond in jail?

Jack finds a picture that proves that the Iceman has put a price on the head of Reggie Hammond, who is scheduled to be released from prison the next day. Reggie has completed his prison term for robbing a payroll (a crime for which he claims complete innocence), and is scheduled to be released.

Who is the Iceman in another 48 hours?

While trying to capture drug lord “The Iceman,” policeman Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) confronts two criminals and kills one of them in self-defense.

Did Nick and Eddie Nolte get along?

“Oh, that’s not fair, Walt, goddammit,” Nolte responded, according to Hill. “And I said, ‘I know you shouldn’t have to but that’s the way it’s going to be,'” Hill said. “He and Eddie got along great,” the director added. “They loved each other.

What city is 48 hours set in?

Most of the movie was shot in the SF area of Northern California. The Railroad tracks crossing at Warnerville (SE of Oakdale) in Central Valley were used for the opening scenes.

How much did Eddie Murphy get for 48 hours?

Reportedly, Eddie Murphy’s paycheck was US $450,000 whilst Nick Nolte’s salary was US $1,000,000. For the film’s sequel Another 48 Hrs. (1990), reportedly, Nolte got US $3 million, whilst Murphy received US $7 million.

Who are the actors in another 48 Hrs?

Another 48 Hrs. Another 48 Hrs. is a 1990 American action-comedy film, directed by Walter Hill and stars Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Brion James, Andrew Divoff, and Ed O’Ross. It is the sequel to the 1982 film 48 Hrs. Nolte reprises his role as San Francisco police officer Jack Cates, who has 48 hours to clear his name…

Is there a sequel to another 48 Hrs?

Sorry, the video player failed to load. (Error Code: 100013) Another 48 Hrs. is the 1990 sequel to 1982’s 48 Hrs.

Who was the original director of 48 Hrs?

Eight years following the events of the first film, SFPD Inspector Jack Cates ( Nick Nolte) finds himself working with recently released convict Reggie Hammond ( Eddie Murphy) in order to track down a notorious drug lord known as “The Iceman”. The film was helmed by original 48 Hrs. director Walter Hill .

What was the rating of the movie 48 Hrs?

48 Hrs. received critical acclaim and is considered by many as one of the best films of 1982. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 93% “fresh” rating, based on 40 reviews, with an average rating of 7.3/10. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Marking an auspicious feature film debut for Eddie Murphy, 48 Hrs.

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