How many Mr Burns quotes make you laugh?

How many Mr Burns quotes make you laugh?

28 Mr Burns Quotes That Will Make You Laugh And Mad At The Same Time 1. Mr Burns is a funny guy 2. You fools! 3. Burns knows how to use his money 4. My favorite Mr Burns one liners on this list 5. Just another one of mr burns sayings 6. Never dies but always the same old age 7. Awesome picnic

What makes mr.burns such a good character?

Two qualities of Burns that make for great comedy is his immense wealth and his evil nature. These qualities often mix together, displaying Burns as the prototypical megalomaniac business tycoon who is even more proud of his ruthlessness than his riches.

How does burns respond when Smithers threatens him?

When Smithers informs Burns that the common people of Springfield see Burns as some sort of ogre, he doesn’t respond by contemplating what’s led him to this point. He simply threatens them in the manner of an ogre. Of course, the irony is lost on Burns, who would see this as a totally rational response. 4 “What was I laughing at?”

What does mr.burns say to Homer Simpson?

The joke never gets old as Smithers gives a usually demeaning explanation of Homer’s purpose, like “He’s one of your organ banks from Sector 7-G,” to which Burns always replies, “Simpson, eh?” as if hearing the name for the first time.

Why do people love the character Mr Burns?

The character is so relatable because everyone has that boss they hate, and we think, people love him because it makes them think of their own job and say ā€ Hey, my boss is not that bad, so iā€™m lucky ā€œ. Browse through these 28 mr burns one liners and remember that your life is not that bad.

What did Burns say to the Comic Book Guy?

Comic Book Guy: Um, the speed of light expressed in dollars. Burns (to Smithers): Just give him Faraday’s constant. Permalink: How much for your entire collection?

What did Mr Burns say about rubber mats?

Mr. Burns Quotes. Lenny: No, mine was rubber mats in the decontamination showers, also water in the decontamination showers. Burns: Never!

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