How do I learn Mac terminal?

How do I learn Mac terminal?

Opening Terminal through Spotlight

  1. Press the “Command” button and the space bar, simultaneously (this will open a search bar on your screen). Open Spotlight.
  2. Type “Terminal” (as you type, it should auto-fill). Search for Terminal and open it.
  3. Double click “Terminal” in the left sidebar to open your Mac’s Terminal.

Is Mac terminal the same as Linux?

As you now know from my introductory article, macOS is a flavor of UNIX, similar to Linux. But unlike Linux, macOS does not support virtual terminals by default. Instead, you can use the Terminal app (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) to obtain a command line terminal and BASH shell. All commands are case sensitive.

Is Terminal A command line?

A Terminal is your interface to the underlying operating system via a shell, usually bash. It is a command line. Back in the day, a Terminal was a screen+keyboard that was connected to a server. Today, it is usally just a progam.

What is the difference between command line and terminal?

A terminal is a wrapper program that runs a shell and allows us to enter commands. A command-line interface (CLI) is a computer program that processes commands in the form of lines of text. The user typically interacts with the shell via a command-line interface (CLI).

How to make your Mac terminal look good?

Speeding it up more than the standard bash terminal that comes with your MacOS by using iTerm2, Z shell, Oh My Zsh along with the Powerlevel10k theme and Neofetch to make your terminal look like this: NOTE : This tutorial will use iterm2 which is a popular alternative to the MacOS terminal.

Which is more customisable Mac terminal or iTerm2?

For the simple reason that it is way more customisable than the Mac terminal, you can adjust transparency, add images to the background, download and use themes for iTerm2, use custom fonts and a lot more: NOTE : If you want to see how to use custom themes and fonts follow this section or else feel free to skip to step 3.

Which is the best thing to happen to macOS?

Homebrew is the best thing to happen to the MacOS and honestly it makes developers’ lives easy every day. If you’re not aware of this novel software, learn how to use it! At some point, it will be useful to you because of how easily you can download packages and maintain them with it, Without needing to know the git and ruby code underneath.

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