What are some pests that affect plants?

What are some pests that affect plants?

Common Pests: The most common pests of foliage and flowering plants are spider mites, mealy bugs, fungus gnats, whitefly and aphids.

Which of the following is the most important lepidopteran insect causing damage to the crops?

Caterpillars, the larval stage of moths, are the major pests of agricultural products owing to their voracious feeding habits.

Which of the following is an example of Lepidoptera?

(Science: zoology) An order of insects, which includes the butterflies and moths. They have broad wings, covered with minute overlapping scales, usually brightly coloured.

How many species of Coleoptera are there?

Beetles (Order Coleoptera) are known to include some 350,000 described species. In the United States, there are nearly 30,000 kinds of beetles known.

Which insect destroys crops?

When millions of locusts descend on a crop, they destroy everything. The desert locust is considered the most destructive migratory pest in the world and a single swarm covering one square kilometre can contain up to 80 million locusts.

Which insects belong to the order Lepidoptera?

Therefore, it stands for insects with scaly wings. It is the second largest, diverse, widespread, and widely recognized insect’s order in the class Insecta of phylum Arthropoda. Linnaeus (1707–1778) divides it into three groups: (1) butterflies, (2) skippers, and (3) micro- and macro-moths.

Do butterflies have mandibles?

Mandibles (noun) – tooth-like jaws present in insects with chewing mouthparts. Caterpillars have mandibles, but adult butterflies do not.

Are there any pests in the lepidopteran family?

Other major lepidopteran pests belong to the family Lymantriidae. Some defoliators of Pinus spp.and Eucalyptus spp.are Lymantria ninayi, L. rosa, L. novaguinensis,Calliteara queenslandica,Dasychira wandammena.

What are the characteristics of a Lepidopteran moth?

• Lepidopteran species are characterized by more than three derived features, some of the most apparent being the scales covering their bodies and wings, and a proboscis. 3. • butterflies and moths are holometabolous, meaning they undergo complete metamorphosis.

Which is the second most diverse insect order?

Lepidoptera(moths and butterflies) are the second most diverse pest insect order outnumbered only by the beetles. There is hardly any cultivated plant that is not attacked by at least one lepidopteran pest.

What kind of worms are on my plants?

The larvae are typically hidden in cases or bags that are dragged along the surface of the leaf during feeding. Severe pests of seedlings in nurseries are the larvae of Noctuidae, called cutwormsor army worms, for instance Agrotis ipsilon.

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