Are vertical radiators any good?

Are vertical radiators any good?

A vertical radiator that offers the same heat output as a horizontal style is a great heating solution for most rooms of your home. So in a room that perhaps requires a little more space for manoeuvre, a vertical radiator may be the best heating option.

Are Stelrad the best radiators?

Europe’s favourite radiator manufacturer, Stelrad have been creating high-performing, high-quality radiators since 1936. Radiators have changed significantly since then, but Stelrad are still at the top of their game, combining impressive heat output with innovative design in all of their exceptional products.

Are vertical or horizontal radiators better?

Are vertical designer radiators better than horizontal ones? Although horizontal designer radiators might have the overall edge when it comes to efficiency, in the design stakes, vertical radiators win hands down.

Do vertical radiators give off more heat?

As we mentioned above, vertical radiators, in general, won’t give out the same heat output as horizontal radiators. In fact, depending on the size and shape of the room you are trying to heat, a strategically-placed vertical radiator or two may be a better bet than a standard horizontal heater.

Who owns Stelrad?

Stelrad Radiator Group Limited
Stelrad/Parent organizations

Which radiator brand is the best?

The Best Radiator Brands On The Market

  • Lux Heat. Lux Heat brings power and performance under one roof.
  • Aeon. Aeon is a luxury radiator brand renowned for its eclectic range of designs, so you’re bound to find something that suits your style from their collection.
  • Beaumont.
  • Zehnder Radiators.
  • DQ Heating.
  • Eskimo.
  • Paladin.
  • Reina.

Can vertical radiators be fed from the top?

Stelrad softline verticals can be fed from top or bottom, and two different flow and return points too, either in the traditional places or as a centred pair. Excellent bracket design as well.

Are designer radiators less efficient?

yes. That’s because even though, as a general rule of thumb, vertical designer radiators do not achieve the same heating performance of more traditional, horizontal radiators, if you do your homework and choose the right model, you can find a solution that not only looks great, but heats your room efficiently too.

What is the standard temperature for a Stelrad radiator?

t50 is the UK’s industry standard for heating outputs, which has an operating temperature of 75/65/20ºC. If you have a low temperature heat source you may wish to consider t40 or t30 output (see your installer or system designer or download from

Why do you need a Stelrad vertex radiator?

With its vertical assembly the Vertex not only saves space, it is also suitable for use in small spaces. The Vertex takes up a minimum of space and optimally heats the cold air next to large window sections in the kitchen or entrance hall. Why opt for a Stelrad Vertex radiator? Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag to rotate the radiator.

Is the Stelrad Vita Deco a good radiator?

The Stelrad Vita Deco’s sleek and elegant lines make this an easy move to designer radiators. With a premium exterior and Stelrad quality, it’s a clear choice for the interior-conscious homeowner. Please refer to page 60 for technical information.

Can a Stelrad Vita ultra be used in a bathroom?

Available in a range of bespoke finishes and complete with optional towel rails, the Stelrad Vita Ultra is also perfectly suited for bathrooms and kitchens. Please refer to page 64 for technical information. Please refer to page 72 for colour options. 22 23

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