When to use either or neither examples?

When to use either or neither examples?

When they act as pronouns, either means “one or the other,” while neither means “not one or the other.” For example: “Either of these roads go to London.” “Neither of my kids are strong enough to lift this.”

How do you use either or and neither nor in a sentence?

Use the either-or and neither-nor pairs to refer to the one or the other of two alternatives. Either-or affirms each of two alternatives, while neither-nor simultaneously negates them. Either my mother or my father will call. Neither the pizza nor the ice-cream is here.

What is an example of neither?

Neither means not one or the other of two things. An example of neither is when Jim did not go to the party and Sally did not go to the party. Not either. Nor.

How do you use neither?

In formal styles, we use neither of with a singular verb when it is the subject. However, in informal speaking, people often use plural verbs: Neither of my best friends was around. Neither of them were interested in going to university..

Is either or both the same?

The main difference between these two words is that ‘either’ refers to one or the other, whereas ‘both’ word refers to first as well as second. Either can be used with a singular noun as either cake, either person. On the other hand, both can only be used with a plural noun- for example, both friends have the same car.

How do you use either?

Either of. Either must be followed by of if we use it before the, these, those or possessives (my, your) with a plural noun: Either of the children can come with us; we don’t mind which. I don’t want either of my parents to know I’ve lost my job..

Can either mean both?

You can use either to refer to one of two things, people, or situations, when you want to say that they are both possible and it does not matter which one is chosen or considered. There were glasses of champagne and cigars, but not many of either were consumed.

Can you say me either?

Both “me neither” and “me either” are acceptable usage in informal writing and speaking, and unacceptable in formal communication. Neither is grammatically correct.

What is the difference of either and neither?

Alone: either means “one of the two”; neither means “none of the two.” Use a singular verb. Either combines with or; neither combines with nor.

Does neither means both?

It means not either. This might sound a touch complicated, but just remember that neither is often defined as none of. The dictionary definition is not one and not the other of two things. For example, “Neither one of the children were well behaved.” Meaning none of the two children were well behaved.

What’s the difference between either and neither?

Which is an example of the word neither?

This structure, “ neither … nor ”, is used to connect the same kind of word or phrase in the sentence. Neither makes a negative statement about two people or things. Examples. • Neither Mark nor his wife is very tall.

When to use either or nor in a sentence?

Pro tip: When using either/or and neither/nor use a singular verb in the sentence if both the subjects (nouns) are singular, for example, “either my mother or my father is coming”. “Is” is the singular verb in this sentence. But, if either of the subjects is plural, you have to use a plural verb.

When to use either-or neither-nor in a recipe?

Use either-or to affirm the one or the other of two alternatives; neither-nor to negate them. I want either a cupcake or a muffin. You can have neither a cupcake nor a muffin. Don’t use either to present more than two alternatives, but neither-nor can be used with more than two. I can bake cupcakes, muffins, or pies. Which do you prefer?

Which is an example of an either or pronoun?

Depending on how they are used in a sentence they take different forms of word class or parts of speech. These include adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, determiners, and pronouns. For example in the sentence “Do either of you play football?” “either” is a pronoun.

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