Can you attach a keyboard tray to a desk?

Can you attach a keyboard tray to a desk?

Keyboard trays can be drilled, clamped, or otherwise attached to your desk in a variety of different ways. That means even desks which you think may not support an under desk tray may actually be suitable with the right pick.

How do I convert my desk drawer to keyboard tray?

Drill a hole large enough for cords in the top of the desk near its back, and insert a plastic or rubber grommet into the drilled hole before threading the monitor cable through it. Turn the middle top drawer into a keyboard tray to finish your updated computer station made from the old desk.

Is a keyboard tray ergonomic?

“They may not be cool, but keyboard trays are a great ergonomic solution.” Keyboard trays are a classic office fixture and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They may not be cool, but they are a great ergonomic solution that allow users to properly align their arms, wrists, and hands while typing.

Are keyboard trays ergonomic?

Is a keyboard tray more ergonomic?

No matter what you choose, adding an adjustable keyboard tray to your desk can drastically improve the ergonomics of your workstation, reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and fatigue, and help you work more comfortably.

How do I keep my desk mat from slipping?

Here are several things that you can put in place to prevent your mat moving on carpet:

  1. Choose a mat with a non-slip rubber backing.
  2. Choose a mat with a gripper or claw type backing.
  3. Use a non-skid underlay underneath the mat.

What to look for in a keyboard tray?

Select a keyboard tray that fits the keyboard you plan to use.

  • Pay attention to the surface material as well. Some trays come with material that provides little or no friction between the tray and the keyboard.
  • Some keyboard trays have the capability to remove the wrist rest which allows for “natural keyboards” to fit.
  • Do you use a keyboard tray?

    You need to use a keyboard tray so you can correctly position your keyboard tray and mouse. Your keyboard and mouse position will reduce strain on your shoulder and arms when you are typing and using your mouse.

    What is a keyboard drawer?

    A keyboard drawer for your computer keyboard is an efficient way to store your keyboard under your desk for an un-cluttered workspace. The keyboard drawers slide out easily along a ball bearing glide track and slide back under the desk when not in use.

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