Do Harleys have OBD ports?

Do Harleys have OBD ports?

The diagnostic port on Harleys is not a standard OBD2 port. So you need to use an adapter to connect the diagnostic port on a Harley to an OBD2 scanner. Even if you use an adapter to connect to the ports on these bikes, most of them don’t run on the CAN protocol.

Where is your Harley Davidson diagnostic port?

In general the diagnostic port locations (as you are sitting on the bike) are as follows: Touring Bikes: Model years 2001 – 2007: on the RIGHT side behind the side cover in front of the saddle bags. Model years 2008 – 2020: on the LEFT side behind the side cover in front of the saddle bags.

How do I find my Harley-Davidson diagnostic code?

Luckily, Harley-Davidson® motorcycles have the ability to display codes right on the dash, no tool required! To enter the diagnostic system and retrieve a trouble code, hold down the trip reset button while turning the ignition from off to on.

What is BCM on a Harley?

Custom Dynamics® Dynamic Load Isolator (DLI) for Harley-Davidson® uses the latest technology to isolate the motorcycle’s Body Control Module (BCM) allowing for the use of almost any aftermarket lighting product or electrical accessory.

What can a Harley scan tool be used for?

Here, Bob gives us a short Harley scan tool demo with Harley’s Scanalizer. This tool is capable of much more than finding and clearing codes. It can also be used to monitor live/active running running conditions/data. In most cases the technician will be able to pinpoint the failure even in cases where a problem was intermittent.

What kind of software does a Harley Davidson use?

Harley-Davidson Smart Vehicle Interface | Snap-on Diagnostics Snap-on Software has comprehensive coverage for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is available for all major systems on model years 2000 and newer, such as engine, ABS, hands-free security, turn signal security, hand control module, body controls, instrument, speedometer and tachometer.

Can a motorcan be used on a Harley Davidson?

The quarter-sized tool is compatible with most Harley-Davidson models from 2001 and up, and you can check a motorcycle’s compatibility on the company’s website. Motorscan can also be used on multiple motorcycles, albeit not at once (obviously).

What kind of data link does a Harley Davidson use?

4-Pin OBD Data Link Connector (DLC) Adapter. • Works on most older Harley-Davidson models with 4-pin OBD data link connectors (DLCs) and Delphi ECUs • Read and erase diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), view data parameters, save and share reports, and more.

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