What is a 56K ohm resistor?

What is a 56K ohm resistor?

To do so, USB-C cables have a 56k ohm resistor that allows the power supply and the device plugged into it to work out the correct power level that suits both ends of the charging party, making sure the device does not draw more power than the plug can supply.

What color is 56K ohm resistor?

56K Ohm Resistor Color Code: Green, Blue, Orange, Golden.

What color code is 4.7 ohms?

4.7 Ohm Resistor Color Code: Yellow, Violet, Golden, Golden.

What color denotes the tolerance value of 5%?

Resistor, capacitor and inductor

Color Significant figures Tolerance
Yellow 4
Green 5 ±0.5%
Blue 6 ±0.25%
Violet 7 ±0.1%

What is 1k resistor?

A resistor reduces (or resists) the flow of current. So, a 1k Ω resistor has a value of 1,000 ohms and the number we will code is 1,000.

What color is a 2.2 K ohm resistor?


Value First Color Third Color
22* Red 2.2 k
24 Red 2.4 k
27* Red 2.7 k
30 Orange 3.0 k

What color is a 33K resistor?

Technical Specifications

Resistance 33K ohm
Color Code Orange / Orange / Orange / Gold
Type Carbon Film
Voltage Maximum Operating 350V
Polarization None

Is 4K7 the same as 4.7 K?

Virtually all resistor manufacturers (have a look at Vishay, IRC and Welwyn for example) use a capital K when using the letter “amongst the digits” more as a “code” than a prefix. Vishay on their datasheets for example will state 4K7 = 4.7 k ohms – all very correct when we consider the 4K7 is a form of code.

How do I identify a 4.7 K ohm resistor?

For the first two bands, find that color’s corresponding digit value. The 4.7kΩ resistor shown here has color bands of yellow and violet to begin – which have digit values of 4 and 7 (47). The third band of the 4.7kΩ is red, which indicates that the 47 should be multiplied by 102 (or 100). 47 times 100 is 4,700!

What is a 470 resistor?

∴ the real value of 470 Ω resistor is between 446.5 Ω to 493.5 Ω Description: From the resistor code chart we found the color code of resistor with respect to the decimal value of the respective band counted from left to right.

What is 100k resistor?

Brown, Black, Yellow, Gold. Band. Color. Value.

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