Are PAR16 and PAR20 interchangeable?

Are PAR16 and PAR20 interchangeable?

While a PAR20 and a PAR16 Bulb can have the same base size, the dimension of the bulb is what differs. This is important when using existing fixtures because the fit might not be the same. However, the size of the bulb itself can delegate whether you can use an open or enclosed fixture.

Are PAR20 and PAR30 bulbs interchangeable?

What is a LED PAR30 Bulb? PAR30, PAR20, and PAR16 bulbs are great replacements for incandescent bulbs but can easily replace other LED bulbs, such as BR (Bulged Reflector) bulbs. PAR Bulbs and BR bulbs are virtually interchangeable as far as the fixture, but the type of light they produce is much different.

What is the difference between R20 and BR20?

Don’t worry about it because the two are interchangeable! R20 is the name for the incandescent bulb while BR20 is the name used for LED bulbs. In case you were curious, “BR” is short for “bulged reflector” which means the back of the bulb is a reflector and the front of it is bulged out.

What does R20 mean for light bulbs?

Reflector (R) bulbs put approximately double the amount of light (foot-candles) on the front central area as General Service (A) of same wattage. Like all light bulbs, the 20 value represents the diameter of the bulb in 1⁄8 of an inch. Therefore, a R/BR 20 light bulb is 2.5 inches in diameter.

Where can I use PAR bulbs?

PAR Bulbs – Narrow Beam Angle for Directional Light These work well in applications where directional light is needed, such as in spotlights or retail displays. This is the type of lighting used in theater, and it is also sometimes used to light exterior landscaping features.

What is R20 bulb size?

Like all light bulbs, the 20 value represents the diameter of the bulb in 1⁄8 of an inch. Therefore, a R/BR 20 light bulb is 2.5 inches in diameter. R/BR20 LED Replacements B/R20 bulbs are some of the best applications for LED due to their directional nature.

What are par20 LED light bulbs used for?

An LED PAR20 bulb helps project light in a precise or controlled space to help produce a concentrated beam. LED PAR20 bulbs are often used in recessed can lights, flood lights, track lights in offices, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and other commercial applications . PAR20 LED bulbs provide a dimmable and energy efficient solution to creating brighter display lighting.

What is the difference between Par and BR bulbs?

These bulb types provide a lot of light (high number of lumens/lux), and are typically higher wattage bulbs. The main difference between BR and PAR is the focus. BR tend to be more spread out, whereas the PARs can be much more focused, like the MR16s.

What is led par?

LED – PAR38 – 120 Watt Equal. PAR is an acronym for parabolic aluminized reflector, which is a type of glass used to make light bulbs. It also refers to the parabolic shape of the bulb.

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