Who are some LDS artists that paint Jesus?

Who are some LDS artists that paint Jesus?

Here you will find beautiful and inspired fine art paintings of Jesus Christ by incredibly talented LDS artists like LDS artists Brent Borup, Jon McNaughton, Karen Foster, Carl Bloch, and Heinrich Hofmann.

How many paintings are there in the LDS Church?

We have over 450 LDS paintings that depict Mormon life, beautifully detailed portraits of the various church temples, and also several portraits of the adorable missionary corgi cards. If you are a member of the faith, you are sure to appreciate these LDS art pieces.

Where can I find pictures of Jesus Christ?

LDSart.com has the greatest collection of images of Christ & Jesus pictures. This collection of LDS pictures, art, & paintings of our Savior Jesus Christ can create hope amidst darkness, peace amidst chaos, & faith amidst fear.

Why are portraits of Jesus Christ so important?

The Savior is the most important person in our lives. And as such, we should remember Him every single day. Having beautiful, fine art portrait paintings of Jesus Christ in our homes is a wonderful way to bring His Spirit into our lives.

What happens when you put pictures of Jesus in your home?

As you add Jesus pictures, paintings, images, and art into your home, you will feel a greater closeness to our Savior, Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. LDS art and pictures of Christ have a unique calming effect to the soul, an effect that will provide you with spiritual strength all your life.

What kind of images does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have?

The largest collection of imagery provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including Gospel art, high-quality images for print, temples, activity pages, images of people living the gospel, and more. View still-frame images produced from the Book of Mormon Videos series.

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