What did William Mackinnon do?

What did William Mackinnon do?

Sir William Mackinnon, 1st Baronet CIE FRSGS (13 March 1823 – 22 June 1893) was a Scottish ship-owner and businessman who built up substantial commercial interests in India and East Africa. He established the British-India Steam Navigation Company and the Imperial British East Africa Company.

How did Sir William Mackinnon contribute to construction of the Uganda Railway?

Almost from its inception the Uganda Railway developed shipping services on Lake Victoria. In 1898 it launched the 110 ton SS William Mackinnon at Kisumu, having assembled the vessel from a “knock down” kit supplied by Bow, McLachlan and Company of Paisley in Scotland.

Why is Sir William Mackinnon remembered in the history of Uganda?

William Mackinnon was launched in 1900 and completed in 1901, the same year as the Uganda Railway branch to Kisumu was completed. In the First World War William Mackinnon was armed as a gunboat….SS William Mackinnon.

Completed 1901
Fate scuttled 1929
General characteristics
Type Protectorate & general purpose

Who was the founder of Imperial British East Africa Company?

William Mackinnon
The Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEACO) was a commercial association founded to develop African trade in the areas controlled by the British Empire….Imperial British East Africa Company.

Type Public
Industry Colonial enterprises
Founded London, United Kingdom (18 April 1888)
Founder William Mackinnon
Defunct 1896

Who was MacKinnon?

MacKinnon, in full Catharine Alice MacKinnon, (born Oct. 7, 1946, Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.), American feminist and professor of law, an influential if controversial legal theorist whose work primarily took aim at sexual abuse in the context of inequality.

Who constructed Kenya Uganda railway?

the British East Africa Company
The railway was built by the British East Africa Company and stretched from Mombasa to Kisimu. Construction of the railway began in the 1890s and was completed in 1901. The railway line, administered by a single body, the East Africa Railway and Harbours, became non-operative when the East Africa Community broke up.

Why did the British construct the Uganda railway?

In July 1890, Britain was party to a series of anti-slavery measures agreed at the Brussels Conference Act of 1890. In December 1890, a letter from the Foreign Office to the treasury proposed constructing a railway from Mombasa to Uganda to disrupt the traffic of slaves from its source in the interior to the coast.

Why was the Ibeaco formed?

Reasons for formation of IBEACO ➢ To promote legitimate trade. ➢ To protect missionaries. ➢ To defend British colonial interests in East Africa. ➢ To stop slave trade in East Africa.

When was Imperial British East Africa Company formed?

April 18, 1888
Imperial British East Africa Company/Founded
The Imperial British East Africa Company was a commercial association founded to develop African trade in the areas controlled by the British Empire. The company was incorporated in London on 18 April 1888, and granted a royal charter by Queen Victoria on 6 September 1888.

What did the British East Africa Company do?

Founded in order to develop trade in Britain’s East African colonies.

What kind of feminist is MacKinnon?

Catharine Alice MacKinnon (born October 7, 1946) is an American radical feminist legal scholar, activist, and author. She is the Elizabeth A….

Catharine A. MacKinnon
Main interests Radical feminism
Influenced Martha Nussbaum

What is Nathan MacKinnon famous for?

Nathan Raymond MacKinnon (born September 1, 1995) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre and alternate captain of the Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League (NHL). MacKinnon was selected first overall by the Avalanche in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

When did Sir William Mackinnon become a baronet?

He was created a Baronet on 15 July 1889. He married Janet Colquhoun (d 1894) on 12 May 1856. They had no children. William Mackinnon died on 22 June 1893, in the Burlington Hotel, London. He was buried at Clachan, Argyleshire.

Where was Sir William Mackinnon born and raised?

William Mackinnon was born on 13 March 1823 in Campbeltown, Argyleshire. He was educated in Campbeltown and trained in the grocery trade there. Early in his life he went to Glasgow, where he was employed in a silk warehouse and afterwards in the office of a merchant engaged in the Eastern Trade.

Where are the letters of Sir William Mackinnon?

Letters of Sir William Mackinnon (1880-1884) held at the National Library of Scotland, Manuscripts Division, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EW [ref. MS 20311xx]; Letters to Duncan Mackinnon (1873-1880) held at the National Library of Scotland, Manuscripts Division [ref. Acc 6168]; Letters from the 9th Duke of Argyll (1884-1893), Private.

How did Sir William Mackinnon affect the Free Church of Scotland?

Mackinnon was one of the chief supporters of the Free Church of Scotland. However, towards the end of his life the passage of the Declaratory Act, of which he disapproved, led to a difference of opinion between him and the leaders of the Church and he materially assisted the seceding members in the Scottish Highlands.

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