Does Zonke Mchunu have a child?

Does Zonke Mchunu have a child?

And that’s a fear that becomes all too real for Imani (Zonke Mchunu) when her two year-old son Lethu (Ntevheleni Lalumbe) goes missing on Thursday 25 January. “Imani has always prided herself on the belief that she is the best mother in the world for little Lethu,” explains 25-year-old Zonke.

Is Imani from Muvhango pregnant?

Friday’s episode revealed that Marang isn’t pregnant with James’s child as she was given a false-positive result. Fans of the show are fuming over this revelation as they wanted Marang to have a great ending after James broke her heart.

Who is Mpho from Muvhango?

Azwimmbavhi Rambuda
Azwimmbavhi Rambuda tells Drum about playing Mpho and the character’s growth. She knows quite a bit about living a life of royalty. After all, not only is she a member of the royal family on Muvhango, she’s also a princess in real life.

How old is Azwindini from Muvhango?

Gabriel Temudzani (born 10 February 1980) is a South African actor and Tv presenter. He is known for his role of Chief Vhafuwi Azwindini since 2000, on the TV soap opera Muvhango aired on SABC 2, on which he has been an actor since 2000.

Where is nkanyiso Mchunu from?

Nkanyiso Mchunu says growing up in Pietermaritzburg in a township called Imbali, he continuously pictured himself on a stage, singing to the masses; a dream he tried pursuing after matric by travelling to the city of gold, Johannesburg.

How old is James from Muvhango?

Dingaan officially changed his name to James Mostamai Dingaan Mokebe, actor, singer, voice artist, and television presenter famous as James Motsamai in Muvhango turns 43 today.

Who is Susan husband in muvhango?

Susan has now confidently walked out of her toxic marriage to Azwindini (GabrielTemudzani) since KK advised her to take better care of herself. He’s also shown Susan that she deserves better than Azwindini and his royal family who’ve never respected her.

Who is Sechaba’s mother on Muvhango real name?

What happened to her? Yati ngamangangala. Once heard that shes also part of the Lesotho Royal family. And yes, I still remember her on Take 5, when I was a kid.

How many wives does Azwindini have?

Azwindini was the chief and had 4 wives (Susan, Pfuluwani, Vele and Mpho). Vho-Masindi is the Queen Mother and the Chief’s mother. Vho-Makhadzi is the matriarch of the family by blood and Vho-Gizara is the younger brother of Vho-Makhadzi and is Azwindini’s Royal Advisor.

Who is the actress who plays Imani on Muvhango?

Zonke Mchunu, born 12 October 1993, whose full name is Siziwe Ntombizonke Mchunu is a South African actress known for playing Imani Nkosi on Muvhango. She was born in Maphumulo village in Stanger in the province of KwaZulu Natal. She was raised by her mother who was a cleaner at Zonke’s former high school.

Who is the actress in Muvhango in real life?

Get to Know Muvhango Actress Imani Nkosi In Real Life Zonke Mchunu (born 12 October 1992) is a South African actress, dancer and singer she is best known

How old is Kgosi from Muvhango in real life?

Tebatso Mashishi as Kgosi 27 years old, born in 1993. 7. Zonke Mchuni as Imani 28 years old, born on the 12th of October 1992. 8. Candy Magidimisa as Shaz Born in 1991, 29 years of age. 9. Buhle Samuels as Matshidiso

How old is Zonke mchuni in Muvhango?

Zonke Mchuni as Imani 28 years old, born on the 12th of October 1992. 8. Candy Magidimisa as Shaz Born in 1991, 29 years of age. 9. Buhle Samuels as Matshidiso

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