Is the Trek 520 a gravel bike?

Is the Trek 520 a gravel bike?

Trek 520 Disc Gravel Bike 2020 The Trek 520 Disc Gravel Bike is made to go the distance, with a quality steel frame and relaxed touring geometry to keep you comfortable on the longest journeys.

Does trek still make the 520?

520 is a steel touring bike made for the open road. It’s the longest-running model in our lineup, and it’s built to carry you and your gear on your longest journeys….Specifications.

Frame Trek butted chromoly disc touring, rack & fender mounts, 135x5mm QR
Fork 520 alloy disc touring, rack mounts, 100x5mm ThruSkew

How much is a Trek 520?

The stock Trek 520, the quintessential steel touring bike in the brand’s lineup, wasn’t quite doing it for Miles. Here is his take on a classic, complete with a flat bar conversion, 1×11 drivetrain, and the absolute biggest tires he could fit….2020 Trek 520.

MSRP $1,679
Drivetrain 3 × 9
Groupset Alivio, Sora
Brakes Mechanical Disc

Does Trek make steel frames?

Trek Steel Frame Bikes Trek is one of the most common and beloved steel bike brands in USA. Trek has been at the forefront of innovating touring bikes, road bikes and light steel models, and introducing different steel bike designs. Trek road bikes with steel frames are their most popular and highest selling item.

What does a Trek 520 weigh?

around 13kg
The trek 520 weighs around 13kg itself and with the rack weight of 38 kg, the rider technically has to be under 74kg to meet this bikes requirement.

Does Cannondale make a touring bike?

Electric Touring Bikes | Cannondale.

What is Trek ThruSkew?

Jul 3, 2020·4 min read. My wife has a 2019 Trek Hybrid which uses their proprietary ThruSkew QR on the front forks. For the uninitiated: The dropout loops all the way around the skewer, meaning that the wheel cannot fall out unless the skewer is removed.

Are older Trek bikes good?

However, during the Vintage-Trek period, the quality of the frame materials, construction methods, and finish are certainly equal or superior to the vast majority of English and European top-level production bikes, and exceed many custom bikes as well.

What is a Thruskew?

214d. It’s just a standard quick release hub and fork.

What is 12mm thru axle?

From this specification we know 142mm is the hub width (or frame spacing) and 12mm is the diameter of the axle. Total Thru Axle length from the seat to the end of the threads.

What kind of bike is the trek 520?

520 is a classic steel touring bike built for the open road. It’s the longest running model in Trek’s lineup, and it’s been perfected year after year since 1983. Disc brakes, a road-smoothing steel frame, rack and fender mounts, and a stable touring geometry make 520 the perfect choice for loaded multi-day trips and comfortable all-day adventures.

What’s the price of a trek touring bike?

The Bike. Trek only offers one touring option – the Trek 520, which is altered each year with a new paint color and exterior design. While the paint may change, the components haven’t varied too much throughout the recent years. The Trek 520 MSRP is set at $1,429.99 USD.

What’s the maximum weight of a Trek bike?

This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 275 pounds (125 kg). We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colors, materials, and pricing.

Why do Trek Bikes have racks and fenders?

Built-in mounts make it easy to add racks and fenders for added versatility. Touring-specific mounts stabilize loads for multi-day trips, with no additional hardware required. Racks make commuting and hauling a practical reality, so it’s easier to go by bike.

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