What does Iraqveteran8888 mean?

What does Iraqveteran8888 mean?

When Eric was picking the name for the channel, he had his tour in Iraq on his mind as it was his biggest accomplishment at the time. “Iraqveteran” was taken of course, so he added “88” – the number of his favorite race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr- but that was also unavailable.

What happened to the old guy in Iraq Veteran 8888?

Popular YouTube commentator and firearms enthusiast Ernest Barry Elliott passed away on Saturday morning at the age of 59. “Barry” as he was known, was a vibrant personality on the IraqVeteran8888 YouTube channel, for which he co-hosted segments such as “Gun Gripes” with Eric Blandford.

Who is Mishaco?

Trotter is a federally licensed firearms salesman and distributor, and has been the owner and operator of Ozark Bear Arms since 2009. All of this in addition to his own YouTube channel, Mishaco, where he shows off old and new guns just for fun.

What happened to Barry Elliott?

The gun community has lost a major supporter. Barry the oldest child of Ernest Milton (Bobby) and Mary (Edith) Hightower Elliott passed away quietly Sat….Ernest Barry “Barry” Elliott.

Birth 11 Mar 1955 Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA
Death 12 Apr 2014 (aged 59) Stockbridge, Henry County, Georgia, USA

Who is God Family and guns?

God, Family & Guns was created as a way to connect with fellow members of the gun community and offer family friendly, Christian based content. We live in a time when God, family and the right to bear arms are all under attack.

Who is Eric Iraqveteran8888?

Eric Blandford of the Iraqveteran8888 YouTube channel. Behind the counter at Moss Pawn and Gun is shooting enthusiast Eric Blandford, usually sporting a baseball cap and smile. Around the gun shop he’s known as the “YouTube Guy,” while his fans know him as Iraqveteran8888.

Is Misha completely blind?

When he was questioned about his eyesight, Misha admitted he had memorised the letters on the eyesight test to make out his sight was perfectly normal. The condition is formally known as visual impairment inter-cranial pressure syndrome, or VIIP.

Where are Ozark armament products made?

Yes, these are made in China to our specifications.

Is Brandon Herrera still alive?

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement at around 2:30 p.m. today: The manner of death was determined as a Homicide. The cause of death was determined as “Homicidal Violence including blunt trauma”.

What is Brandon Herreras Instagram?

Brandon Herrera (@realbrandonherrera) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is Eric Blandford?

Eric Blandford of the Iraqveteran8888 YouTube channel. Behind the counter at Moss Pawn and Gun is shooting enthusiast Eric Blandford, usually sporting a baseball cap and smile. However, in his off time Eric also manages one of the most popular shooting channels on YouTube with over 200,000 subscribers.

How many subscribers does iraqveteran88808 have on YouTube?

YouTube invited Iraqveteran8888 to become one of the first 50 channels to become part of their new “partners” program – they wanted to place ads on the content. Today Iraqveteran8888 has over 1.8 million subscribers and over 498 million video views.

Where is the spleen located in the body?

The spleen is a small organ inside your left rib cage, just above the stomach. It’s part of the lymphatic system (which is part of the immune system). The spleen stores and filters blood and makes white blood cells that protect you from infection. Many diseases and conditions can affect how the spleen works.

How is the vasculature of the spleen innervated?

Learn more about the vasculature and lymphatics of the spleen using the following study units: The spleen is innervated by autonomic nerves from the celiac plexus, which supply the spleen with both sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

Where are the myoepithelial cells located in the spleen?

Numerous septa called trabeculae extend from the dense irregular fibroelastic connective tissue of the capsule into the parenchyma of the spleen. Both the capsule and trabeculae contain myoepithelial cells which have the ability to contract.

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