What episode of Victorious does Cat kiss Robbie?

What episode of Victorious does Cat kiss Robbie?

The Birthweek Song. The subplot of this episode focuses on Robbie and Cat helping Robbie’s grandmother with her computer. This episode takes place right after Stage Fighting, the episode in which Cat kisses Robbie.

What episode does Cat get jealous of Robbie?

One Thousand Berry Balls
One Thousand Berry Balls. Andre gets Tori a job at a frozen yogurt stand; Cat is jealous when Robbie asks someone else to the luau.

Does Cat like Robbie victorious?

Before Ariana Grande started dating Mac Miller, she had two special boyfriends during her days as Cat Valentine on Victorious. Not counting her repressed feelings for Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett) and that one-time prom fling with Tug (Brant Dorman), Cat officially dated two dudes during Victorious’s four-season run.

Who is Cat Valentine in love with?

DC Fandome – The Loop

Cat Valentine
Friends: Tori Vega (best friend) Jade West (best Friend) André Harris Robbie Shapiro Beck Oliver Trina Vega Sinjin Van Cleef
Relationships: Daniel (ex-boyfriend) Evan Smith (ex-boyfriend) Robbie Shapiro (Love interest)
Pet(s): One Dog

Is Ariana Grande dating Robbie from Victorious?

Everyone only dreamed that Ariana and her co-star, Matt Bennett, AKA Robbie from Victorious would hook up. Although there was no confirmation about the relationship, they did get up, close and personal during Ari’s One Last Time video.

Why did cat interrupt Robbie’s kiss with Trina?

After Robbie stalks Trina for a while because he believes their stage kiss was real, Cat tries to make him understand that his kiss with Trina was just a stage kiss and meant nothing more. When Robbie says that girls can’t fake that kind of passion, Cat interrupts him by kissing him.

Why does Rex never hit on Cat in victorious?

Cat says that it’s gross that Rex, possibly Robbie, hits on every girl in school. Rex states that he never hits on Cat. This could mean 3 things: 1) It’s known that Robbie thinks of Rex, his puppet, as a separate person, so a possible reason why Rex never hits on Cat is because Robbie doesn’t like it when other guys hit on Cat.

Who is the only one who says hi to Robbie?

Cat is the only one who says “Hi” back to him. When Robbie becomes embarrassed when his grandma attempts to video chat with him in front of the class, Cat giggles at him along with the rest of class, but unlike everyone else, she says that she thinks it’s cute.

Why is cabbie the most popular ship on victorious?

Cabbie is one of the most supported and popular ships on Victorious. These two characters are sometimes linked together because they are picked on more than the other characters. Since the show started, Robbie and Cat have been good friends, nice to each other, and have gotten along well for the most part.

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