What color Whopper Plopper is best?

What color Whopper Plopper is best?

Go-To Colors Black or white are his top two choices for topwaters and it simply comes down to confidence. “I have always had the best success with topwater baits that are a solid color instead of translucent ones. My top two Whopper Plopper colors are Powder (white) and Loon (black).”

What is the best size Whopper Plopper for bass?

The Whopper Plopper 75 The 75 size is ideal for throwing to bass busting baitfish on the surface during the summer. The 3-inch model best matches the size of the shad bass are feeding on then.

What does a Whopper Plopper imitate?

The design and premise behind the Whopper Plopper is simple: it’s essentially a hard topwater lure designed to imitate an injured baitfish in its death throes, splashing about on the surface. The idea of mimicking a dying or injured baitfish in order to draw strikes is hardly new or novel.

Do you use a swivel with a whopper plopper?

The first thing I do with every plopper is install a size 2 or 3 split ring to the line tie and then a size 4 ball bearing swivel to that. I keep to the smaller ring and swivel sizes because I want as little weight as possible on the front of that lure.

Do whopper Ploppers really work?

The key to the Whopper Plopper’s success is its versatility, and the fact that it floats on the pause. As long as the tail is spinning and it’s making noise, it’s working. The simplest and most basic way to fish it is just like a buzzbait with a slow steady retrieve.

What fish bites Whopper Plopper?

An inline stick bait with a segmented propeller on the back, the Whopper Plopper is part buzzbait, part prop bait, and 100 percent deadly on bass of all three species.

What are Whopper Ploppers good for?

Whopper ploppers are one of the easiest lures to fish for two reasons. One, the most effective way to fish them is simply reeling them in a straight retrieve the way you would fish any prop bait. The motion of the bait gliding across the surface is what creates the tail to spin and make the “plopping” noise.

What colors are bass attracted to?

The most fundamental rule is to fish brightly colored baits in dingy or muddy water and light, subtle colors in clear water. The logic here is that a bass’ visibility is hampered by silt, and colors like chartreuse, yellow and orange are easier to see than bone, pumpkinseed and smoke.

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