What is Interval International and what does it do?

What is Interval International and what does it do?

Interval International is a timeshare exchange company with locations around the world offering it?s members the ability to exchange their timeshare for time an another location.

Is there a save login ID for Interval International?

As an added bonus, the Interval International app comes with a Save Login ID option that allows members to store their login ID for future use. With our new, faster login feature, you can access your account with just the touch of a finger, or even a glance.

Is the Interval International to Go app free?

The Interval International To Go app is our free, user-friendly mobile app. The newly enhanced Interval International To Go app is packed with exciting features, innovative tools, and updates to existing favorites. It’s never been easier or more convenient to plan your vacation! Q.

Can you change your Interval International membership number?

You cannot edit or change your membership number or membership name. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact the Membership Department at [email protected] or 800.843.8843. Q. What is the Interval International To Go app? The Interval International To Go app is our free, user-friendly mobile app.

When do I deposit my Interval International points?

Deposit at least 120 days prior to your check-in date to receive the maximum number of points. Once you have received your points, you can use them for full-week (seven-night) vacations, ShortStay Exchange®, or toward Interval Options®cruise, hotel, tour, golf, or spa exchanges, or a unique Interval Experiences adventure.

How to do an interval exchange for a cruise?

For cruise, tour, golf, spa, or Interval Experiences exchanges, call 866-763-7570. Cruise exchanges can also be booked online; hotel exchanges are online only. 5 YOUR EXCHANGE IS COMPLETE You’ll receive a vacation confirmation (via email, phone, or the postal service) that includes details about the unit, resort, and surrounding area.

How does the club interval Gold program work?

Congratulations on joining families worldwide who have selected vacation ownership. Because your home resort participates in the Club Interval Gold®program, you have the ability to deposit your week in exchange for points, which you can use for an entirely new vacation experience in over 80 nations around the world.

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