What is the best time to catch yellow belly?

What is the best time to catch yellow belly?

September through to November offers the best yellowbelly bites of the year for a number of reasons.

Where can I find yellow belly?

Lake Windamere
Lake Windamere located near Mudgee in central-western NSW is widely considered a great place to catch some whopping Golden perch (aka yellowbelly or ‘yellas’) up to 65cm which are caught on a regular basis!

Where can I catch cod in Canberra?

MURRUMBIDGEE RIVER About 66km of its 1,600-km length traverses the Australian Capital Territory. The Murrumbidgee River Corridor has a number of the best river fishing spots in Canberra. You’ll be able to catch Golden Perch, Redfin, Murray Cod and Carp, among other species.

What’s the best bait for yellowbelly?

The best rig is usually a simple light running sinker setup with 3 foot leader on a hook ranging from size 1/0 or 2/0 if you are targeting fish of around 2kg. The best baits are yabbies, scrubworms, earthworms and raw prawns, usually in that order.

What is the legal size for yellow belly?

Commonly caught between 30cm to 55cm but can grow larger we have seen a few over 5 kilos. The minimum legal size is 30cm with a daily bag limit of 5 over legal size. Rated as a top-quality eating fish, with lovely sweet flesh.

How do you catch a yellow belly in winter?

In winter, schools of yellas cling tight to standing timber. Vertically rolling grubs such as up the trunk is a fantastic way to target deep-schooled winter yellowbelly. In spring, however, yellowbelly still frequent trees, but they tend to be holding on timber in shallower water.

How do you fish for yellow belly?

Get the lures moving fast with periodic pauses using lures with good natural fish profiles in key areas where fish are feeding or holding. Fish fast and cover lots of spots and once a fish is caught, fish the area thoroughly, we have seen where we catch one they usually come in multiples.

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