Is it easy to learn Ukrainian?

Is it easy to learn Ukrainian?

It Is not Too Difficult to Learn Despite a variety of cases, numerous rules, and exceptions, Ukrainian is not too complicated. The best part about it is that you read all the letters the way they sound in the alphabet. No tricky words or extraordinary complications.

Can a Russian person understand Ukrainian?

Almost every ukrainian can speak and write in Russian, because we all study russian language in school for 8 years. But russian especially from regions far away from ukrainian border-dont understand ukrainian at all.

Why is Ukrainian language so beautiful?

The Ukrainian language is considered to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world, after French and Italian. It is very melodic and easy on the ear. Local people use the language with tenderness, as Ukrainian has lots of words perfect for expressing a number of emotions accurately.

What do you say to a Ukrainian girl?

If you try to compliment an Ukrainian woman, you will say to her: “Ti krasivaya diévouchka” which means “you are a beautiful woman”. If you say it sincerely, she will be immediately under the charm. It is also important to know that beautiful ukrainian women like to have compliments on their ears.

Is Ukrainian a beautiful language?

Is Ukrainian similar to Serbian?

First of all, Serbian and Russian/Ukrainian are NOT mutually intelligible languages. Although they are all Slavic languages, and there is indeed a lot of similarities both in grammar and vocabulary, I personally believe that the greatest obstacle is the pronounciation.

Are the people in Ukraine speaking English?

) Obviously Ukraine is a European country and people speak English but you will find it easier if you can speak just a few words in Ukrainian or Russian, especially older people will not know English (the same situation as in my country, Poland ).

Can an Ukrainian speaker understand Polish?

No, you cannot. Ukrainians needs to make small preparation to become able for listening comprehension of Polish. It’s not learning, but for become understanding – Ukrainian must listen Polish language from some hours to some days to get used to very specific pronunciation.

Can Russians understand Ukrainian?

No, despite all the claims that russians and ukrainians are slavic brothers,russians won’t understand ukrainian. Btw truly slavic nations understand each other to some extent. Ukrainian can easily speak with Belorussian or Polish. Russians do not understand other slavic languages since it has little slavic roots .

Do people in Ukraine speak Polish?

The vast majority of people in Ukraine speak Ukrainian , which is written with a form of the Cyrillic alphabet. The language-belonging with Russian and Belarusian to the East Slavic branch of the Slavic language family-is closely related to Russian but also has distinct similarities to the Polish language. Significant numbers of people in the country speak Polish, Yiddish, Rusyn, Belarusian, Romanian or Moldovan, Bulgarian, Crimean Turkish, or Hungarian.

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