What is an example of reported speech?

What is an example of reported speech?

Reported speech is speech which tells you what someone said, but does not use the person’s actual words: for example, ‘They said you didn’t like it’, ‘I asked her what her plans were’, and ‘ Citizens complained about the smoke’.

Can you give me an example reported speech?

“Reported speech” is when we talk about what somebody else said – for example: Direct Speech: “I’ve been to London three times.” Reported Speech: She said she’d been to London three times….Reported Speech (Part 1) – Statements.

Simple present Simple past “I want to go home.” She said she wanted to go home.

How do you write a reported speech example?

Reported Speech = ‘Tomie said (that) she was tired. ‘ In reported speech we need to use the past tense form of the verb. In direct speech the present tense is used.

What are the types of reported speech and examples?

There are two main types of reported speech: direct speech and indirect speech. Direct speech repeats the exact words the person used, or how we remember their words: Barbara said, “I didn’t realise it was midnight.” In indirect speech, the original speaker’s words are changed..

What is the example of direct speech and reported speech?

Tense changes when using reported speech

Phrase in direct speech Equivalent in reported speech
“I am reading a book”, he explained. He explained that he was reading a book
Simple past Past perfect
“Bill arrived on Saturday”, he said. He said that Bill had arrived on Saturday.
Present perfect Past perfect

Which is the best example of reported speech?

Reported Speech. present simple. I like ice cream. She said (that) she liked ice cream. present continuous. I am living in London. She said (that) she was living in London. past simple. I bought a car.

When to use reported speech or indirect speech?

Grammar explanation. A reported question is when we tell someone what another person asked. To do this, we can use direct speech or indirect speech. direct speech: ‘Do you like working in sales?’ he asked. indirect speech: He asked me if I liked working in sales. In indirect speech, we change the question structure (e.g.

When to use the past tense in reported speech?

But, if the reporting verb is in the past tense, then usually we change the tenses in the reported speech: Direct speech: I like ice cream. Reported speech: She said (that) she liked ice cream. She said (that) she liked ice cream. She said (that) she was living in London.

How to use a reporting verb in a sentence?

Watch my reported speech video: We use a ‘reporting verb’ like ‘say’ or ‘tell’. ( Click here for more about using ‘say’ and ‘tell’ .) If this verb is in the present tense, it’s easy. We just put ‘she says’ and then the sentence: Direct speech: I like ice cream.

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