What is the elevation of Maui Hawaii?

What is the elevation of Maui Hawaii?

10,023 ft

Nickname: The Valley Isle
Area rank 2nd largest Hawaiian Island
Highest elevation 10,023 ft (3055 m)
Highest point Haleakalā

What is the highest point on Maui?

Haleakala Crater
Towering over the island of Maui and visible from just about any point, Haleakala Crater is a force of nature in every sense. At 10,023 feet above sea level, this dormant volcano is the stage for a breathtaking range of landscapes—and skyscapes.

Can I drive around West Maui?

Note: Driving around West Maui is not typically prohibited by your car rental insurance policy, but it might be wise to check with them anyway. The road is paved the whole way through. However, it becomes a twisty one-lane road after passing the Olivine Pools.

How do you get to West Maui Mountains?

The best way to see the West Maui Mountains is by helicopter tour. Some of the most incredible sights in all of Hawaii can only be seen by helicopter like the “Wall of Tears”, a lush cliff face with dozens of waterfalls draped over it.

Is the island of Maui sinking?

But like all the Hawaiian islands, Maui is eroding and its summits are shrinking. Eventually, in millions of years, the island will be just an atoll and then sink below the ocean’s surface.

How high are the West Maui Mountains?

1,764 m
West Maui Mountains/Elevation

Is there an active volcano on Maui?

The Island of Maui has one active volcano, Haleakalā, which has erupted at least 10 times during the past 1,000 years. Kīlauea, the youngest and most active volcano on the Island of Hawai’i, erupted almost continuously from 1983 to 2018 at Pu’u’ō’ō and other vents along the volcano’s East Rift Zone.

When was the last time a volcano erupted in Maui?

between 1480 and 1600
The last eruption occurred sometime between 1480 and 1600 according to scientific records. The history of Haleakalā and its recent activity indicate that the volcano will erupt again in the future. Although studies indicate that Haleakalā will erupt again, the volcano is currently dormant.

How long does it take to drive the West Maui loop?

From Kapalua to Wailuku you pass some of the most rugged coastline in the world and some very lovely beaches and bays which are not well known or frequented. The drive itself can be done in a couple of hours without stops. In order to really appreciate the views, however, it will take you between four and five hours.

How long is the West Maui loop?

approximately 65 miles
Depending on where you start and where you end, the West Maui Loop bike ride is approximately 65 miles (104 km) if you ride the entire loop. If you don’t care about completing the whole loop and want to miss the traffic from Wailuku to West Maui, start the bike ride in Lahaina and arrange for a ride in central Maui.

How long does it take to drive around West Maui?

How long is the Lahaina Pali Trail?

This is a rugged and strenuous 5-mile trail from Maalaea to Ukumehame. This is an out-and-back hike with trailheads on either end. Both trailheads are close to sea level and the trail gains ~1600 ft. in 2.5 miles, then descends back toward sea level for another 2.5 miles.

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