How much is a Volvo 740 worth?

How much is a Volvo 740 worth?

Q: What is the average sale price of a Volvo 740? A: The average price of a Volvo 740 is $7,635.

How many Volvo 740 are left?

2021 2018
VOLVO 740 45 53
VOLVO 740 AUTO 13 13
VOLVO 740 GL 242 331
VOLVO 740 GL AUTO 81 102

Is Volvo 740 good car?

It Looks Good The Volvo 740 is a car that’ll always look good in one way or another. There is something with the boxy design that speaks to you, something that makes you fall in love with it at first glance. It’s such a classic that its looks will never go old, even though it has aerodynamics like a brick.

What does Volvo GLE mean?

Grand Luxe Executive
GLE (Grand Luxe Executive) GLT (Grand Luxe Touring) GT (For example, a 1979 GT 200-series Volvo is badged a 242 GT, meaning it is a 240-series car with two doors and sporting trim.)

When was the Volvo 740 made?

Volvo 740. Introduced in early 1984 (in the U.S. and Australia for the 1985 model year), the 740 arrived nearly two years after the luxurious 760. It was the lower-end version of the original 760, intended to be a mid-size car that offered more style, performance, and luxury than the 200 series.

Is a Volvo 740 rear wheel drive?

No, the Volvo 740 2.3 is not All Wheel Drive (AWD). It’s Rear Wheel Drive (RWD).

When did the Volvo 740 come out?


Does Volvo 740 have airbags?

1990 Highlights 740 GL gets driver airbag, and all 740s have new sheetmetal that closely resembles 760. New Generation III turbo engine is introduced.

Who designed the Volvo 740?

Jan Wilsgaard
The 760 marked a new strategy for Volvo, as they introduced the executive six-cylinder model first with the four-cylinder 740 only following a few years later. Jan Wilsgaard, head of Volvo’s Design and Styling Team, proposed over 50 new designs for the new car.

Do all Volvos have turbos?

Each vehicle in the Volvo lineup is turbocharged, as the T5, T6, and T8 engines all feature a turbocharger. The T6 actually adds a supercharger to the mix to offer two types of forced air induction, while the T8 adds an electric motor to the T6 dual-charged system.

When did Volvo start using ABS?

940 GL, 1992, ABS anti-lock brakes, introduced 1984 – Volvo Car UK Media Newsroom.

When did the Volvo 240 get airbags?

While Volvo did make improvements to the 240’s safety throughout its 19-year production run (1974-1993) – such as improved seat belts starting in 1981 and a driver airbag in 1990 – it was still on largely the same 1970s-designed structure (in fact, the 240’s structure was a heavily updated version of its predecessor.

When did the Volvo 740 come out in the US?

Volvo 740. Introduced in early 1984 (in the U.S. and Australia for the 1985 model year), nearly two years after the luxurious 760, the 740 was the lower-end version of the original 760.

What kind of ECC does a Volvo 740 have?

The 740 Turbo 16V was equipped with the ECC from the 780 as standard. Late in 1991, Volvo offered a sedan and wagon badged the 740 SE, standing for “special equipment”. The 740 SE came in three colors; red, black, and white.

What kind of engine does the Volvo 760 have?

There followed the 122bhp turbocharged and intercooled 6-cylinder diesel engine, originating from Volkswagen. This was then considered a very quiet unit by current diesel engine standards, and made the 760 one of the world’s fastest diesel powered cars.

When did the Volvo 700 series come to an end?

The most visible differences between the 700 and the 900 series were the more rounded corners on the body of the latter, and a somewhat better-appointed interior. The 700 series came to an end in late 1992 when the last 740s were built (although they were considered to be of model year 1993).

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