What category is NY SDI on W-2?

What category is NY SDI on W-2?

In the drop down box for box 14 of your W-2, report NYSDI as NY Nonoccupational Disability Fund. The payment may be deductible as a state and local tax if you itemize your deductions on Schedule A Itemized Deductions.

What does SDI mean on my W-2?

state disability insurance
SDI is an acronym for “state disability insurance.” Some states call it TDI for “temporary disability insurance.” Not every state has this tax, but those that do require payroll deductions that help fund short-term (generally a maximum of six months) disability benefits for workers who become disabled.

Does SDI show on W-2?

State Disability Contributions If you live in a state that requires SDI contributions, the amount of money deducted from your paycheck and paid into this program will appear on your W-2.

What is Box 14 on W-2 PFL?

Your employer will deduct premiums for the Paid Family Leave program from your after-tax wages. Your premium contributions will be reported to you by your employer on Form W-2 in Box 14 as state disability insurance taxes withheld.

What is Box 14 NY SDI?

SDI is an abbreviation for State Disability Insurance. This amount reported in box 14, Other, is not New York State withholding and cannot be included in your total New York State tax withheld.

What is Box 14 on w2 PFL?

What is Box 14 on W2 PFL?

What category is NY PFL in box 14?

NYPFL refers to premiums paid for New York Paid Family Leave. Report it in Box 14 and select the description “Other mandatory state or local tax not on the above list” This flows through to Line 5a on Schedule A. NYDBL stands for New York Disability Benefits Law. Select the same category for this entry as well.

What does NY PFL on w2 mean?

New York Paid Family Leave
On this year’s New York State W-2 in Box 14 there is “NYPFL” which is for New York Paid Family Leave.

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