Why is the Chimp Paradox A paradox?

Why is the Chimp Paradox A paradox?

The Chimp is far quicker to receive and act on information and stimuli than the Human and it is somewhat of a paradox in that the Chimp can be either your best friend or worse enemy and sometimes both at the same time.

What is Chimp therapy?

Chimp Management specialises in training people to manage their mind more effectively, with an approach grounded in neuroscience. Through the Chimp model, we help people understand how the mind functions so they can develop the insight and skills needed to get the best out of themselves and others.

What happens when you give orders to Your Inner Chimp?

In that case, the inner chimp will have some say over what happens to that thought. And he’s going to have his own ideas, his own needs, his own motivations. If you simply start giving orders, he might play up, he might decide to do the very opposite of what you want, like a child being told to go to bed.

Why is the Inner Chimp called a chimp?

The first is the “chimp” system – so called because we share it with our hominid cousins. This part of our brain is in play when we act impulsively, without regard for the consequences. Our inner chimp is emotional, greedy and lazy and with us from birth.

What happens to a chimpanzee when there is stress?

Under stress the Chimp will go into Fight, Flight or Freeze mode, depending on what it thinks is best. You need to recognise how your Chimp reacts to stress, as everyone is different. The key is to develop a way to stop the Chimp from taking over.

How to get rid of your inner chimpanzee?

The inner chimp loses interest, fades into the background, and your reasonable mind expands. The effect of meditation is cumulative. Retreat once in a while to give the chimp a slap on its wrist. Practice 10 minutes daily, for 3-4 weeks straight, to reduce that tantrum-throwing primate to a whispering squirrel monkey.

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