Was Peggy McCay on Andy Griffith?

Was Peggy McCay on Andy Griffith?

On February 4, 1963, she appeared as Sheriff Andy Taylor’s old girlfriend Sharon DeSpain in the “Class Reunion” episode of The Andy Griffith Show. On April 9, 1963, McCay appeared in the episode “Broken Honor” of NBC’s Laramie; she and Rod Cameron played Martha and Roy Halloran, a farm couple.

Who played flora on Gunsmoke?

Peggy Webber
Gunsmoke (TV Series 1955–1975) – Peggy Webber as Flora Stancil – IMDb.

Who played cloud Marsh Gunsmoke?

Dennis Weaver, 81; Star of ‘Gunsmoke,’ ‘McCloud’ Also Was Environmental Activist.

What age is Peggy McCay?

90 years (1927–2018)
Peggy McCay/Age at death

Did Peggy McCay play on Gunsmoke?

Gunsmoke (TV Series 1955–1975) – Peggy McCay as Flora, Mrs. Cooter, Pene Lynott – IMDb.

Who played Rafe Hollister on The Andy Griffith Show?

Jack Prince
Prince is best remembered for playing Rafe Hollister on The Andy Griffith Show….Jack Prince (singer)

Jack Prince
Other names Jack Prince
Occupation Singer, actor
Spouse(s) Sarah Zelda Saltzer ​ ​ ( m. 1945; div. 1958)​ Ruth Frances Gleason ​ ​ ( m. 1958⁠–⁠1959)​
Children 1

Who played the girl charity on Gunsmoke?

Susan Gordon
“Gunsmoke” Little Girl (TV Episode 1961) – Susan Gordon as Charity – IMDb.

What was wrong with Chester goods leg on Gunsmoke?

One of Chester’s most noticeable features is his stiff right leg — the cause of which is never explicitly stated, though it’s implied that he was injured during the Civil War. In an interview conducted four years before his death, Dennis revealed that he invented the character’s disability during his audition.

Who played Andy Griffith high school girlfriend?

On The Andy Griffith Show, McCay played Andy Taylor’s high school sweetheart in the memorable episode “Class Reunion.” As Sharon DeSpain, when McCay appears, Andy’s heart goes soft, and they share a dance then a moonlit stroll.

Is Peggy McCay still alive?

Deceased (1927–2018)
Peggy McCay/Living or Deceased

Who played Sharon Spain on The Andy Griffith Show?

“The Andy Griffith Show” Class Reunion (TV Episode 1963) – Peggy McCay as Sharon DeSpain – IMDb.

How old was Peggy McCay when she died?

Peggy McCay (1927–2018) Peggy McCay was born on November 3, 1927 in New York City, New York, USA.

Why did Matt come back empty-handed in Gunsmoke?

On a different note, Matt comes back to Dodge empty-handed after chasing a crook who, Matt admits, outsmarted him. It’s that sort of human dimension writer Meston insists upon that helped raise Gunsmoke to classic status. Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

What was the name of Peggy McCay’s TV show?

In the 1970s, McCay appeared in Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years, How the West Was Won, and The Lazarus Syndrome. She appeared in a 1975 television movie, John O’Hara’s Gibbsville (also known as The Turning Point of Jim Malloy), and was a regular in the cast of the short-lived 1976 series Gibbsville.

Who is Tom Cassidy in Gunsmoke Bottleman?

“Tom Cassidy” is the fifth of twelve different characters to be played by John Dehner in his twelve guest appearances on this series. Doc: By golly, I never saw a man so set on anything in all my life. Tom Cassidy: You never saw a man had a reason like I have, Doc. Matt Dillon: What is the reason, Tom?

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